"You have a big breast, celebrate it!"

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde: Many plus-size models are active in social networks, there are always new body-acceptance-actions and more and more beautiful fashion for big sizes. Do you also feel that something is happening there?

Anna Scholz: I have been working in this industry for 20 years and have the impression that there are such waves every now and then. But I also notice that luscious, fashionably dressed women have become much more present thanks to blogs and Instagram. Kurvige got a strong voice and some plus-size models are really famous. Many of them, like me, propagate that beyond size 38, you can be healthy and happy. I find this message enormously important.

That sounds very positive. Are there things that still annoy you after a long time in the business?

The entire plus-size industry is sometimes accused of making it too easy for people to be fat. It then likes to say that overweight is a social problem and one should not support it by offering fashion in large sizes. But people are not overweight because we give them beautiful fashion! I find it incredibly important that people have a positive feeling for themselves. It also means putting on something beautiful and perhaps getting excited about it, paying more attention to yourself, exercising a bit, getting a healthy diet. But this is not about this insane slimming mania that does no good to anybody.

"As long as the proportions are right, you can carry everything"

To what extent is the design process of plus-size collections different from designing for regular dress sizes?

First, I decide on a trend and then consider how I can implement it for a curvy body. I would say, you have to be more skilled in the editing technique. It is more challenging? also because no size 46 is like the other. Some women carry their weight in the middle, others on the hip, others have a large bust. We try to cover different figure types with different fits. A dress with a tie belt, for example, is a good solution because it can be customized. My designs are never about hiding something. I want to hide small problem areas and underline the beautiful sides.

Are you going to tell us some styling tips? What would you advise, for example, women with very big breasts?

I would say: Celebrate him! There is nothing better than great curves. They should be celebrated and not hidden. I've never understood why someone buys a minimizer bra to flatten everything. If you have a big bosom, you should invest in really well fitting bras. Otherwise, the classic tip is: Wear a V-neckline that stretches the silhouette. I also have a big bosom and still like to wear something high-necked. This works out! Too strict styling rules, I think stupid. Whether horizontal stripes, large or small patterns? Everything works well in large sizes, as long as the proportions are correct overall.

And what are your tips if you have a tummy?

We work with the cuts a lot with ruffling. As the fabric loosens and flows, less is noticeable. Very popular is for example a dress of mine with a two-ply front. The bottom is flat, the second layer has a few wrinkles that play around the belly.

Anna Scholz for Sheego - the autumn / winter collec- tion 2015

What's your favorite piece from your new fall / winter collection for Sheego?

I really like our leather jacket with the small ruffles on the shoulder. It also goes great with the lace dress. It's such a shame when clothes hang in the closet all year long and are taken out only on special occasions. With heavy boots, thick tights and a leather jacket, they can be worn every day.

And what do you think are the biggest trends for the next summer?

The seventies with flared pants, paisley patterns and boho chic will remain. And in the industry, it is agreed that yellow is very much on the rise and fresh naturals black will replace. I have my doubts, though. Especially in Germany, the black dress is and remains the favorite. I have the feeling that women in this country already have to be persuaded to even put on a dress again. And the first grip goes to the little black.

Which women do you admire for their style?

Salma Hayek is great because she has such wonderful curves. And fashion wise, I find Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyoncé, really great. She works so well with colors and prints and at the same time looks so unaffected.

A video message from Anna Scholz to all ChroniquesDuVasteMonde readers

Anna Scholz Fashion has told us what a beautiful message behind her collection for sheego. : * # MBFWB

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