You can not do that anyway!



Katja Just, 43, moved to solitude at age 25

My parents had a farmhouse on the North Sea, where I was happy as a child. At age 25, my boyfriend and I decided to move to the Hallig, imagining our future kids crawling on the mud. I quit job and apartment? then my friend jumped off. I came anyway. An old Hooger said then: "I give you six years! As a young woman you can not live alone on the Hallig !? That was 18 years ago. I like the salty smell of the wind, the width of the Wadden Sea. Loneliness can hurt, but it usually causes deep satisfaction in me. I do not miss anything out there in the world. In an emergency, I have my vacation guests with whom I can chat. And cuddly, my cow. I even wrote a book about my life (? Barefoot on the Summer Dike ?, Eden Books).



Benjamin Baltruschat, 36, is wheelchair user and wants to be on his own again

After my accident, the doctors told me I would never be able to walk again. I immediately contradicted. The muscles below the chest I can not move, cold or touch but I feel. For the health insurance, I was soon considered as ausherapiert. My big hope: an aggressive physiotherapy. For months, you can train up to eight hours a day. Did I collect the money through crowdfunding? 54,000 euros. After the first week, I suddenly could swing my leg forward by itself. After three weeks there was a day when I could walk several steps with the rollator. The neurologist has confirmed the effectiveness. Now I hope that my health insurance will give in. Then maybe I can go back in a few years.



Gaby Flügel, 46, is deaf and asserts herself at work

I was in the midst of training as a healer, when my marriage broke up with a listener. All of a sudden I was a single parent so I had to be financially on my own. I was the only Deaf during the training, in the classroom I was assisted nonstop by two sign language interpreters. Many people thought at the time that everything was not possible for me. Alone the study material is not too bad for a deaf person. I'm proud to be able to provide my family with my work today. I am also an example of successful inclusion.

Because of that, a deaf person does not get it!



Sabine Schnau, 52, shows fist the fate

My sons suffer from a rare genetic defect (NCL), which leads to death before the age of 28. My marriage broke up at this burden. My body was looking for an outlet, I just wanted to puke my fainting? and got bulimia. There were people who were worried about my life. During an intensive cure I decided: I want to live on. I've used all my resources to get the best possible support for my boys. So I became an expert in achieving things that seem impossible. In 2012, with this knowledge, I founded an employment agency for people with disabilities ( My big son died in 2014, but the job was always better. The success of my clients is the incentive for me to keep going. It's like a sign from above that tells me: And now you come!



Peter Collatz, 25, is soon studying medicine

I was at an elite boarding school in northern Germany. At the parents' talk after tithing my class teacher advised me to leave high school, I would incite classmates to nonsense, and for high school my opportunities would not be enough anyway. I was hurt and pretty contrite. I then trained in the hotel business, went out into the world and worked in China, Italy and the USA. In the distance, I often had to think about my father. He is a doctor and I admire him for his lifetime achievement. One morning I woke up and thought: I want that too! I came back to Germany, enrolled at the Private Academy Hamburg and am currently doing my high school diploma. It looks like a pretty good one. After that I want to study medicine. Oh, and I hope my former class teacher reads this at BARBARA.


"I can not do anything else?

Denis Fischer, 39, has always stuck to his art

After school I got a small role in the theater, since then I play, sing and write songs ( Nothing to get on the charts or on TV. Sometimes only ten people sit in the audience or just a hundred. The luxury of doing only things that I stand behind was often renounced at first: I never had a car, but a shared flat. I still have no doubt. Others already. For marriages and house building, I was rather out of the question: too little coal, too uncertain.Ex-girlfriends said: "If that's so important to you, do something sensible to finance it." But I've always believed that it's right to keep going. And today my little family can live well on my art. I am glad that I always believed in myself.



Meike Bogdan, 44, found a job after a long search

I am a trained educator and became unemployed in 1997. I attended further education and took one-euro jobs to find a job. How many applications I have written exactly, I do not know. But the number is in the three-digit range. I got so many cancellations that at some point I hardly had any self-confidence. In the counseling centers it said: With more than 40 that will be nothing more. Last year I learned that the city cleaning staff is looking for. I would have worked outside in overalls as well. But then, in the job interview, I mustered up my courage and said that I would rather work in the administration. Since November I am employed there as a clerk. The responsibility, the exchange with colleagues, the regular salary? that makes me happy.

To belong is a great feeling.

Peter Brown - Can't Be Love - Do It To Me Anyway (Drive/T.K. Disco Records 1980) (June 2021).