With this ingenious shopping trick you save a lot of money!

Spontaneous shopping is great fun, but can quite well go into the money and torpedo all savings. But how can we resist the urgent desire for all the beautiful things? The trick is called "Power Pause".

Actually, the "power break" is a very old principle, after which we do not immediately give in to the spontaneous greed for something, but instead think in peace, whether we actually need this or that. Or maybe something else is behind it.

The term comes from the blogger Jill Chivers, who writes on her page "My Year Without Clothes Shopping" about a more sustainable shopping behavior. Chivers wanted to leave their bad shopping habits behind and spend their money more meaningfully. She shares her experiences with all those who also wish to get used to a more sensible shopping behavior. For this she has completely renounced shopping for a whole year and also optimized her methods for saving money.

How does the "Power Pause" work?

The "Power Pause" is a tactic that is used for spontaneous shopping trips. Because we spontaneously regret spontaneous purchases - at the latest when we can think clearly again.

So that does not happen to us, we press the pause button. "If you see something that you desire and perhaps want to buy - do not buy it right away," Chivers recommends. That sounds simpler in theory than it is in everyday life, when we are in a bad mood again and cheer us up with a new outfit or reward for something.

BUT: If you stop for a moment, do not take the purse out of your pocket or just do not click the "order" button while shopping online, you can save a lot of money. And still feel good - without the happy kick that a spontaneous purchase brings in the short term.

And anyone who goes through the "power break" between two hours and two days suddenly realizes crystal clear that he actually did not need product X or Y - and can also save money, time and nerves.

The reasons why we do not need something can be quite banal ("Actually, I do not even have any clothes that match the shoes") or, indeed, much ("I really can not afford the shoes"). And sometimes you just forget that you really wanted to have this one thing. Anyone who, after much deliberation, comes to the conclusion that they need something urgently, has at least considered it long enough and actually spends his money wisely.

A quick kick of satisfaction goes as fast as it came. The hole in the purse remains. And if we treat ourselves to something, we should be able to fully enjoy it - without a guilty conscience.