With these 6 styling tricks, your waist looks instantly thinner!

1. Dress suit made of midi skirt & crop top

Many women think that a crop top can only be worn in dress size 34. But that's not true! It is only important to pay attention to the right combination to make it stylish. For example, whoever chooses an elegant midi skirt that ends just below the waist and puts on a crop top will only reveal a narrow stripe. This fine line, so the waist, is thereby an eyecatcher and beautifully emphasized.

2. The right shell

Whether blouse or shirt: Even with a top you can cheat a bit. It should be ensured that the upper part is not cut too short, so that the upper body does not appear compressed. In addition, ¾ sleeves flatter. These ends optimally at the height of the waist and emphasize them additionally.

3. Waist belt

Extensive dresses do not have to be no-go if you want to create a beautiful waist. But on the contrary. The only important thing is to dress the oversize in dresses, to grab a belt that is tied around the waist. It is optimal if this is as thin as possible. A chunky belt that sits too low on the hips can quickly do the opposite.

4. Issued pants

The flares are currently celebrating their comeback and that's a reason to celebrate. Because exposed flares conjure up a beautiful silhouette. Also in this case, you should again resort to a model that high-waist is cut and ends just below the waist.

5. Dresses with black inserts

This trick we have copied from the celebrities: Who wants to have a narrow waist, decides simply for a dress that has dark inserts on both sides. This cheats the entire figure at least one size smaller. By the way: It does not necessarily have to be black. There are also such clothes in other color combinations, such as light and dark blue.

6. Waist high skirts & pants

A few years ago, the high-waist jeans replaced classic hipsters as trend pieces. Rightly, as we find, because the fit supports the hourglass figure when used correctly. Because: Since the pants close at the height of the waist, it emphasizes the narrow center of the body. Of course the same works with a skirt. But beware: The top, which you combine with pants or skirt, should always be put in. If the blouse or shirt is hanging over trousers or a skirt, the waist is covered and the effect is lost.

How To INSTANTLY Look Slimmer! 10 Style Tricks (March 2023).

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