With the halo effect you make yourself immediately popular

People are different - of course. But we all have one thing in common in the end: We want to be liked! To achieve this, we apply the most diverse strategies. We are especially friendly, avoid conflicts, make others laugh ... but unfortunately our plan does not always work out.

How does the halo effect work?

One method that is particularly effective is to use the halo effect for yourself. What is behind it? In principle, the halo effect means that one particular attribute of one person outshines all others. For example, if one is particularly polite, then other positive attributes are attributed to it, such as intelligence or humor.

And what exactly do I have to do now?

Depending on your society, consider: What is especially important to others? That I am funny? Or that I am educated? Then try to emphasize this characteristic of yourself, for example, by making jokes and quoting philosophers. Your perceived weaknesses make the others less aware - and they like you right away.

Where can I use the trick?

In principle everywhere. Whether in the office to please your boss, at home to make you more attractive to your partner or in new rounds where you do not really know people yet. It is important to always consider which property could be particularly important to the individual.

Do I have to bend to please others?

No, because that will not help anyone in the end. Using the halo effect is more about highlighting your strengths. That's not bending, just clever. Give it a try - you'll be surprised what you get for an effect!

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