• August 13, 2020

Wine red sweater made of merino wool

Instructions for a sweater made of merino wool in sizes S / M / L

Difficulty: light

Time spent: about 22 hours

Material: 700/750/800 g of wine red Fb 14 "Rialto Chunky" (100% merino, length 60 m / 50 g) by Debbie Bliss on designaryarns. Knitting needles No. 6.

Note: It is possible that the given wool can not be bought anymore. In this case, you are looking for a similar quality. Please note the specified run length and do a stitch test!

Federal pattern (BM): 1 st right, 1 st left in the change.

Kraus right (KR): Rowing right, back rows right.

Knitting tension: In the KR (stretched), 13 M x 20 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 54/58/64 sts and work in the KR. Mark armholes 52/50/48 cm (= 104/100/96 R) on both sides from stop. Bind off all sts from beg of armhole 18/20/22 cm (= 36/40/44 R).

Front: Knit as the back, but for the neckline 12/14/16 cm from the beginning of the armholes bind off the middle 18 sts and remove on both sides in every 2nd row 5 x 1 sts. Cast 18/20/22 cm (= 36/40/44 R) from the beginning of the armholes on each 13/15/18 shoulder sts.

Sleeve: Cast on 44/50/54 sts each and knit in the KR. Bind off every st from 38 cm (= 76 R).

elaboration: close the shoulder, side and sleeve seams. Pick up 60 sts at the neckline and knit 5 cm in the BM, then bind off all sts loosely. Sew in the sleeves.

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