Why I breastfed my child for 32 months - unplanned

"At some point she forgets breastfeeding!"

I have to admit, I was hoping for it a little bit ... But at the same time I was very excited, because the breastfeeding with my first daughter ended quite quickly from her side. After 11 months she never asked for breasts again.

My younger daughter is very different, and that was early on. She never took a pacifier and did not want any bottle. That the way would be a long, was foreseeable? But that we breastfeed for years, was not planned.

It was YOUR way and OUR way

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The way was a wonderful? self-determined and completely free of external urges or even vehement comments. A path that was completely normal for more than two and a half years. As if there was nothing else!

After about seven months of breastfeeding, she began to become interested in solid foods. With the emphasis on FEST. Porridge was and is denied until today completely. Not even apple sauce likes it very much. If now Baby-led Weaning is a term for it, then the fits well with us, I think.

After two years, I refused breastfeeding at night

Only at night, after two years, I decided not to be fully available and after many discussions and two (hard) nights that was no longer a problem.

Unexpected long-term stopper: Daniela Gaigg, Blogger of DiekleineBotin.at, with her daughter.

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How long is continued, I have largely left to her and after the summer, we have agreed to stop breastfeeding no longer always and everywhere, but cuddling in bed in the morning and in the evening. It felt good and right for both of us, she never asked otherwise.

Beloved, healthy breast milk

Shortly before Christmas we talked about "not breastfeeding" and she was a little bit taken aback. It was then also not further.

She became ill during the holidays. The first time fever, the first time medication ... Then she wanted twice a day again her beloved "breast milk". It was clearly noticeable how she could relax and ease her pain. When she was well again she forgot her evening ritual quite surprisingly!

After about three days, it has come back to her then, I let her suck on briefly: "No milk wants to get out ..." was her comment.

We were never hostile because of breastfeeding

Now is snuggling as always, a good night kiss and off to bed! (She then gets up several times to cuddle again.) REPEAT ...)

I am glad and grateful that I could share such an intimate and beautiful time with her! I am also particularly happy that I was never faced with bad comments, even though we breastfed several times a day, even on the road. I have seen many (older) women congratulating and a little jealous of me.

My conclusion after almost 32 months:

It was a wonderful time I do not want to miss! But you have to say that it was a good fit at this stage, and having a regular working life can be difficult or incompatible. Physically I never had a problem, thank goodness also not at the beginning.

Now in recent weeks, the milk has been noticeably less and is now obviously completely dry by itself, which is probably related to the mental readiness to let go.

In retrospect, I notice that in the course of lactation, the hormones have "evaporated" - because it has not made me much for two years to be awake at night every two hours, but now it is horrible when I'm just out of bed must, because one of the two needs something.

Article by Daniela Gaigg, originally published on www.diekleinebotin.at.

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