White must be the jeans this summer

The white jeans is back. It is generally known that she forgives nothing and applies quickly. The good news: Since the skinny jeans fall out of favor, especially in the fashion world, that should not be a problem. Instead, other cuts are just announced and the flatter also in the color white of the figure. To select the pure white jeans shelf straight models are the straight leg, so straight and not too tight, the high-necked mom jeans or the kick flare, which resembles a boot-cut cut and may also like to be worn a little further. The beauty of white jeans is their versatility. Basically, it is like a canvas, which can be given a certain mood by the choice of other garments.

The white kick flare with frayed legs symbolizes the lifestyle of the Californian skater girls of the 70s with a cool message or rock band shirt and a pair of light brown sandals. White jeans with holes on the knees are more of a version of the past season, so do not necessarily have to be.

Here is the model: www.asos.de

If you prefer to bring some French flair to your life, you can grab the mom-cut and wear a light blue shirt blouse and the trendy flat-mules in beige or colored. The possibilities are manifold.

The straight-cut jeans in combination with a cool T-shirt and a black blazer is the perfect business outfit. Another way to add a finishing touch to the look is by choosing the belt. He gets the necessary attention in the outfit with this color. Bright leather tones with golden buckle look classy, ​​woven ethnic belts in bright colors make the combination immediately playful.

How To Wear Your Jeans This Summer! (and not suffer from heat exhaustion) (March 2023).