Whirlwinds Photo: Now does Sophia Thomalla make Gwen Stefani?

With the newest pictures of Sophia Thomalla (28) you have to look twice already. The recently brunette girlfriend of musician Gavin Rossdale (52) shows up on her latest Instagram picture with a straw-colored mane.

Blond? Something is ringing! Even Rossdale's ex-wife Gwen Stefani (48, "Hollaback Girl") has always been wearing blond top. After her husband, Thomalla now also seems to have discovered Gwen's trademark for himself. She also recently put on bright red lips, as paparazzi pictures show. Just a coincidence or is behind Thomallas type change more?

At least, Thomalla's fans agree: The 28-year-old is and remains a one-off.

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While critics see Thomalla's new hair color as a vague attempt to emulate Stefani, her fans stick to her on Instagram. Followers' comments range from "Wow, you look great" to "She does not look a bit like Gwen, chill."

A user tries to take the wind out of the sails of Thomalla's new hairstyle with the following statement: "Gwen Style? Just because the hair is blond and she wears red lipstick? So please, every woman changes her hair color and wears different lipsticks. "

In any case, the model can rely on the backing of its fans!

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