Whatsapp: Messenger service deletes old photos and chats from the cloud

Whatsapp users beware! In mid-November, the Messenger service changes a setting. Android users should therefore check the time of their last chat backup. WhatsApp announces on its FAQ page, as of November 12, 2018, all backups older than one year will be automatically deleted from the Google Drive cloud. Images, videos and chat histories disappear then never to return.

WhatsApp users can do that

To avoid losing backups, WhatsApp recommends manually back up the data before November 12, 2018. This works in the following way: Open the settings in WhatsApp and click on "Chat Backup" under "Chats". It says how long the last backup was done. If the date is more than a year ago, click on the green "Save" button to create a new backup on Google Drive. In order to avoid having to perform this process manually in the future, you can also activate different time intervals. Then the backup will be created by itself in the future.

Is that synonymous without Google Drive?

A backup can also be created without Google Drive. For a local backup, disable "Backup" with "Never" the backup in the Google Cloud.

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