• July 13, 2020

Whatsapp in Pink: With this trick you change the color of your logo!

So you come to the pink Whatsapp speech bubble:

You do not have to do much to change the color of your Whatsapp logo - this is directly in the settings of your iphone. There is a handy color change mode, which is hidden in the settings. Just go to:

  • settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Display adjustments
  • and tap on "reverse colors"

ZACK! Now your Whatsapp logo has suddenly turned pink! And not only that: Your complete iPhone has been transformed into a new, colorful and stylish color world: Facebook now shimmers in noble gold tones and Snapchat has now suddenly become completely blue (and has a black spirit!). And look in your photos - you'll be amazed what has changed! Do you recognize friends and family in your pictures in this color mix? If you do not like this new color view: do not panic! Of course you can undo this setting at any time!

I want more pink!

No problem, you can have: If you need even more color changes on your phone, there are several apps in the Appstore that will turn your smartphone into a real chameleon! The app "CocoPPa" (available here) turns not only the apps on your iPhone into a dream of pink - it also gives you a fitting background (with other colors and designs, by the way):

© CocoPPa / itunes

And Android users?

They also have different ways to redesign the colors on their device. For example, you can change the color of your Whatsapp logo (or any other app) directly using the "Awesome icons" app (available here). And not only that: you can also replace them with a completely different picture or a picture of yourself! Cool, right?

Just try it out - have fun with your "new" smartphone!

How To Make WhatsApp Look Awesome!! ???? Whatsapp Trick! (July 2020).

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