What to do with back pain? The best tips

That the Germans sit too much is no secret. Therefore, it is not surprising Back pain is one of the most common diseases in this country ? because these are usually due to lack of movement nowadays. But what to do about back pain?

What to do with back pain?

Back pain is usually treated based on the cause and whether they are acute or chronic. For acute back pain this tip can help:

step positioning

Against acute, severe pain often helps the so-called stage storage. You lie down carefully on the floor or on a yoga mat, bend your legs and put your calves horizontally on a chair, sofa or something similar. The knees should be at 90 degrees and the lower back should be completely on the ground. Breathe deeply in and out and stay for about two to five minutes at most. Roll yourself to the side and get up over the side.

Why does that help?

Due to the step bearing, acute back pain is alleviatedAs the spine relaxes and the intervertebral discs are relieved. If the exercise is performed for a few days a day, it can help relieve tension and counteract a hollow back.

But: The step bearing is not a treatment for permanent pain! Because it is a posture that may even aggravate the trigger of the discomfort. You should not do it for more than a few days without talking to a doctor.

The best tips against chronic and acute back pain

But there are other ways to treat acute back pain:

Exercise / back training

Whereas bed rest was the first treatment of choice in the past, doctors today recommend using it to treat chronic and acute back pain. That may sound absurd, after all, you're in pain. But the intervertebral discs need exercise, to work. Of course that does not mean we have to jog through the park despite the backache. But there is, for example, in the back school targeted back training, with which the back muscles is strengthened.

occupational Therapy

In occupational therapy, you learn how to cope with back pain in everyday life.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In progressive muscle relaxation according to US physician Edmund Jacobsen, individual muscle groups are strained from head to toe one after the other as an exercise. After a few seconds you release the tension and feel the dissolved state for a while. Through training, we should become aware of the difference between muscle tension and relaxation again ? This also helps with back pain.

heat applications

Especially with a slight backache many sufferers feel warmth as beneficial, For example, in the form of a heat pad or just by a hot water bottle at the painful area. Tensions can be solved more easily.


In traditional Chinese medicine, which acupuncture involves, it is believed that blockages in the life energy Chi cause pain. Acupuncture can relieve discomfort when it occurs due to tight muscles. However, their effect against chronic back pain is only partially proven.


In case of severe pain, the doctor can if necessary Prescribe medications that are either anti-inflammatory or generally help against pain. The intake should take place only after medical instruction? especially with anti-inflammatory drugs, unwanted side effects can occur with prolonged use.


A professional massage releases blockages and relieves tension. Especially if you have to work a lot in everyday life, can do something good for his back and neck through regular massages.

Where do my back pain come from?

The spine is very sensitive? often a wrong movement is enough to cause pain

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The treatment of back pain has changed fundamentally. Their cause often too. So the spine today suffers less frequently from wear and tear due to physical labor. Blame on complaints are usually the said lack of exercise, the constant sitting and constant stress. In 85 percent of all back patients, no physical causes can be identified, says the Medical Center for Quality in Medicine (ÄZQ). Back pain is now considered a consequence of our lifestyle, as is diabetes or hypertension.

Why a healthy back also has to do with the psyche

Herniated disc, lumbago, irritation of the sciatic nerve, tight muscles? These used to be the common assumptions in acute back pain. In the meantime, you know that also burdensome living conditions and the soul can put behind it. Experts even suspect that stress, work compaction, performance and self-optimization pressure in our society weigh on us so that back pain has therefore increased continuously over the past years. Doctors should therefore always check whether psychosomatic back pain is the problem.

Healthy life = healthy back?

The victims are women in most cases. In all age groups, they are more likely to have acute back pain than men. No wonder, after all, they react? even if the opposite is often claimed? more sensitive to pain. It is all the more important that we also pay attention to our way of life and incorporate more exercise in our everyday lives. This not only relieves back pain, it also helps prevent back pain.

By the way, you can find further possible back pain causes and everything about low back pain here.

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