What are Germans looking for the most on Google?

While Germany is currently storming and raining and the weather is more reminiscent of autumn days, Germans are dreaming to move to warmer countries - at least when it comes to search queries on Google. Spain is currently ranked number 1 in the most wanted countries, followed by Italy and Austria. The US ranks fourth, followed by France on position 5.

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In most federal states are currently summer holidays. While, according to Google, "swimming" and "barbecuing" were the top search queries on Google in Germany last summer, the Germans are also picking up other questions. The answer to the question "When to swim with baby?" Currently, many people seem to be interested. Or: "Why do ships swim?" The question is of particular interest to those who are planning a cruise. "What can you do during the summer holidays?" Especially students seem to be bored, because the employment opportunities are simply limitless. Anyway, we came up with 33 ideas for a super-summer.

And what else are the Germans looking for? More info and search queries are available at Google Trends.

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