• April 1, 2023

We really do not want to hear these sentences at family celebrations

Of course, after decades of experience, we know that Uncle Horst and Grand Cousin Ricarda have a pointed tongue. And, sure, there are worse things. Nevertheless, we would be very happy if we simply did not need to hear certain statements without distance. Also outside of Christmas, Easter and all round birthdays by the way, which would be even more beautiful without annoying comments. A little tip: This text can be wonderfully share and send. As a wink with the whole Zaunlattenfarbrik, so to speak.

1. "You look stressed / tired / pale!"

A sentence that is often sung with a worried voice, but does not do anything except a bad mood. Or a stressed-out facial expression at the moment. Is it ugliness behind it? Thoughtlessness? Or maybe just stupidity? In any case, there is only one solution: Aunt Gisela or Uncle Heinz keep their mouth shut. Or you simply ignore such comments by talking about something else or having to go to the bathroom.

2. "Have you increased?" or "But you've got a lot of money! " 

Of course, you never like to hear, unless you've been fighting for years, just being too thin and bony. But weight in every respect is often discussed by grandmothers or aunts. Incidentally, is not necessarily to be understood as an insult, but can be really well meant. Especially with relatives who are older. Therefore, best not think about it.

3. "What does love do? "

Especially popular with singles. In fact, this question is only allowed if a new life partner is brought along at the same time. By the way, fall into the same group "When's your new offspring / next child?", Or "Do not you want to get married?" This is not really a concern, but usually this does not interest one or the other annoying relatives. If possible, just do as in point 1: Put one ear in, the other out again.

4. "But you also looked younger! " or "Will not you be 40/50 soon?"

Really? This remark is especially nice if you are only 35 or 45. Or if you might look a bit scrappy today, because the night was short (small children, very entertaining 30 years Abi meet). Quickly forget and look for other parties at the next party.

5. "That used to be very different with us in the past / That would not have happened with us before".

Happy with the education of the children and accompanied with a shake of the head. Of course, education methods used to be different in the old days, that's a good thing. Ideally, stay cool, do not mind, or just emphasize calmly "Pity, right?" reply.

answered prayers. | the east family (April 2023).