We Happy Few: The eternal game with paranoia

After more than two years as an early-access title, the full release of "We Happy Few" on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is finally due on August 10th. In the quirky survival adventure, players experience the stories of three citizens in a dark, absurd vision of the past, playing in an alternative 1960s England.

The blue pill

Somewhere between Burgess' "Clockwork Orange", Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World", people in the fictional town of Wellington Wells are having a dull existence, many of whom, however, deliberately miss out on anything. The mainstay of society is the denial of the brutal truth hidden behind a veil of drugs.

"It is never too late for a happy past", reminds the game over and over again. Society has opted for the metaphorical blue pill, the blessing of ignorance that hides the ugly face of reality. But who does not throw in his "Joy", who looks behind the curtain of the beautiful drug world.

The mixture of adventure and survival game with RPG influences created with their unusual world between constant paranoia and hopelessness again and again a feeling of discomfort, which is however loosened up with all sorts of - usually black - humor. Often the dystopian vision evokes pleasant memories of "BioShock", even if the retro-futuristic setting of course clearly differs from the Art Deco of the classic game.

With or without "Joy"

Finally, "We Happy Few" features the stories of three characters who entertain in their own unique way. However, one should not expect a relaxing escape from the here and now. Although the player can turn off his brain from time to time, if he really wants to, but that is in no case in the sense of the game. As the game says: "Happiness is a decision."

"Have you taken your Joy?" - We Happy Few - Episode 1 (June 2021).

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