Video: This cat is boxing through the snow

A real cat can be separated by nothing and no one from their feeding bowl - certainly not by a bit of deep snow. The Canadian Ann Got makes the test in the video and lures her cat Plume with delicious food into the house - but unfortunately the door is completely snowed.

Where other cats might now meekly meow (in the hope that she carries a human), or maybe dig a small hole in the snow with his paw, Plume is rather the woman for the rough: like a cat cannonball she comes through the Wall shot and leaves behind a cat-sized hole after an explosion of snow and fur.

To emphasize the grim determination of the cat, Ann added the clip with a quote from the action movie "300": "This! Is! Sparta!" That does not fit so badly, this cat is probably no opponent in the way (or at least no snowman). In any case, we have an understanding of Plume - when it's already so cold outside, you have as a cat but also no desire, like to ring at the door and then wait patiently. Then rather with your head through the wall!

NINJA CATS! There's absolutely NOTHING MORE FUNNY! - Impossible TRY NOT TO LAUGH compilation (June 2021).

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