Victoria Beckham: loser of the day

Having a busy husband like David Beckham (42) is not always easy. That got his wife Victoria (43) now to feel firsthand. Actually, the former football star should pick up his sweetheart from work yesterday, but he just did not show up. A fact that made the designer desperate.

In several Instagram stories, including the British Daily Mail, Ms. Beckham vented her anger. "When you're in the rain, waiting for your husband to pick you up from work," she commented on her first video. After five minutes, the second followed: "Maybe the bike is faster?" The designer wrote to it and linked her husband quite impatiently. Of course, the heartthrob did not forget about Victoria, which had been completely dissolved by the rain. After about 20 minutes she posted out of the long-awaited, warm car: "He has arrived".

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