Veronica Ferres: What does the actress have to do with Bill Kaulitz?

"Nice lunch date, have really enjoyed your company, Bill Kaulitz."

The world seems really small. Anders can not explain the latest Facebook image of Veronica Ferres (52, "Under German beds"). On the side of Tokyo hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz (28) she smiles into the camera. Apparently, the two have a good time with a leisurely lunch in the sun. The occasion for the rather surprising meeting did not betray the actress. Whether the two probably plan a joint Clou? The Kaulitz brothers are always good for a surprise ...

Veronica Ferres & Carsten Maschmeyer - „Wir haben einmal die Woche ein Wartungsgespräch“ (July 2020).

Veronica Ferres, Bill Kaulitz, meeting