Verbaler Dünnschiss at the Bachelorette: "I f *** my head, Alta!"

+++ Warning +++ This column is not for the faint-hearted. Because of a higher than average proportion of fecal language (and that in only ONE sentence !!!) as well as incomprehensible Gebbelbels on Domenico-ish these lines should not be read in the presence of children!

But let's start with the more harmless part of our illustrious Wednesday evening review. This time, Jessica Paszka kidnaps three men from her testosterone entourage on a very special date. They go riding! As they say? The happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses. NOT! In this case, there is unfortunately less luck than three would-be cowboys, who try as Pferdeflüsterer. And so the Lucky Lukes gallop happy for the poor through the Andalusian pampas.

"It can not be that all this goes unnoticed by her?"

Two Point Hospital - 4 - Verbaler Dünnschiss | Deutsch | Angespielt (August 2020).