Varicose veins, dents, bacon? Why we should still wear bikini

Of course, they were on every beach: the beauties. Sunburned and flawless, they had draped themselves onto the loungers as possible as possible for the sun's rays, their flowing hair tied in a loose bun, their toes perfectly lacquered. And then there were the others. Lots. Many many. In the first few days of our Florida trip, they caught my eye. All those who looked like me, or even a little bit dilder, a little bit fatter, a little bit different than Heidi Klum and their "girls". That was unusual for my eyes, because obviously it is a question of figure in Germany whether you can wear a bikini? or not. But at some point I had looked out. The news value was exhausted. They were just not perfect and still half naked. So what?

Bikini wear despite bacon rolls

I relaxed slowly but surely, became safer with myself and put on clothes that I wear here in Germany at least only with overcoming and really only on the hottest days. I stopped panting at my shorts to conceal the lowermost dent on my thighs. I ran into the sea with my kids, though I was sure to get junked and when I sat down, I honestly did not much care if a roll pushed over my bikini bottoms. Unthinkable for an average Otto normal citizen from here. Since you have to be one of the more daring in Germany, to stand over there. Here you hide, which means that somehow everyone thinks that there are only people with perfect bellies. Well, and hold the swimsuit. The others.

If only we all were with us

I talked to a friend from Brazil after the holiday and he laughed at my surprise at the American lightness of being? also with heavy body. "Nah you?" He said, "not the Americans are so special. The specials are you German women? And he told me about his homeland, where women with the most different figures in the tightest swimwear ran around. In fact, in Brazil, hardly a woman would come up with the crazy idea of ​​not being too sexy for a few pounds. "Unsexy makes women only if they are ashamed of themselves," he said, showing me a video of a Brazilian dance group in which the sex appeal was obviously not a matter of weight.

Body Positivity? You have to join everyone

I really wanted to keep this spirit. Honestly? I find it really hard, but I pull it! Even if I am then the one with the dents in hot pants. But it would be really good if I was not alone with that. If we damn well showed that we all look different and that not the imperfections are the exception, but the Heidi Klums. They are beautiful to look at and I am very happy about the sight of their beauty. But a little more I would be happy to see a bikini in size XL again. Or two. Or three. Or a thousand. And not somewhere, but in the pool around the corner. That would be great! By the way, bacon rolls also look much nicer if they get a bit of sunlight.

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