Vanessa Mai: It shows in a new music video naked in the shower

She's back: with her new song "Best Version" and the accompanying music video, Vanessa Mai (27, "Schlager") sets a sign for body positivity. The shoot cost the pop singer a little overcoming, because in it she shows a lot of bare skin and presents her fans completely undressed in the shower. At the end of March, the singer had canceled her tour planned for fall 2019, the background being a "still creative process".

The new song is one of the results of the break. As May saw the shooting of the nude scenes on set, she told in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper: "Of course, such a thing always costs overcoming, but it was a totally harmonious atmosphere on the set, which has made it easier for me I think it's an important scene for the video and, in interaction with the other protagonists, transports the message of the song very well, so I'm glad we did it! "

In preparation for the release of the single, the 27-year-old had posted detailed shots of her body on Instagram over the past few days. On Thursday followed by another post the resolution of the experiment: "For me these postings were like an experiment and my reaction to the comments was always between grateful and stunned. (...) This does not hurt me because I am to myself But I do not just want to raise my finger as someone who has already arrived completely, I'm 27 and I'm not a machine. "

A new album is coming

As their record label Sony Music announced, the song "Best Version" is a first taste of Vanessa Mais's upcoming sixth album. A release date is not yet known.

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