Valentine's Sayings: Quotes that touch us

Valentine's sayings that warm the heart

There is hardly a topic that is more sung, written, written and philosophized than true love. She simply meets us everywhere:

  • in books,
  • on TV,
  • in magazines,
  • on the Internet,
  • in lovesongs ...

and that's just as well. Because love is our concern ? not only on Valentine's Day. But on February 14, she is in the foregroundbecause many lovers celebrate this day in togetherness.

Those who like Valentine's Day may also give a present to their sweetheart. Especially nice are personal gifts for Valentine's Day, such as a self-written Valentine's poem or a card in which romantic love sayings stand. One can think of oneself or cite love films, books or poems, for example. In the Klickstrecke we have collected for you the most beautiful sayings for Valentine's Day.

Sayings to Valentine's Day that are true works of art

There are love films, books and poems that contain love sayings that last forever. Proverbs that make you thoughtful, humble, happy or sad. They all touch us ? this is the best prerequisite to use as Valentine's Day or Valentine's poem for our sweetheart.

The verses are not just love spells, flirtations or love texts, but real works of artthat you write in cards, send as sms or via whatsapp right? that is of course the most beautiful? can quote when you look the loved one in the eye. Of course, there is a danger of being cheesy when giving love quotes or Valentine's Sayings, Ultimately, it depends on the moment, if they fit and look honest, An intimate moment, candles, kisses, full moon? Say there your romantic sayings for Valentine's Day and you are just fine.

Are Valentine's Day Proverbs Rich as a Gift?

But of course! To show our sweetheart how much we love him, it does not always have to be a big present or the huge bouquet of flowers. Love sayings are heart gifts ? and that is the most important. Incidentally, there is no definition of which quotes are suitable as Valentine's sayings. Just pick the spell out for feeling and then say it with conviction, Follow our list of the most beautiful love quotes.

Maybe you can even draw some Valentine's Day sayings from it. Romantic, funny, heartfelt? There is something to be found. Or the phrases inspire you to write love poems. We definitely wish all lovers, lovers and those who are not, a great Valentine's Day! ??

You want more poetry than Valentine's sayings? More rhetorical artworks can be found in our special: Proverbs.

Valentines Day Quotes and Sayings (May 2021).

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