Upper arm training for tight arms

Exercising your arm muscles: That brings arm training!

In a workout, we usually train the muscles in the abdomen, legs and back, the arms are often neglected. And while a trained biceps can look great, as not only Michelle Obama proves at public events. A few simple exercises will help you to get lean and defined arms. But beware: In your training, you should always make sure that the entire arm muscles are trained evenly, as the arm muscles work together and support each other.

Who wants to make his upper arms fit, should include both his biceps and triceps in training. Pushups or the curl (exercise with dumbbell) are recommended here. The forearm muscles are often neglected. For our body and our fitness, however, this is indispensable! Forearm muscles, for example, make it easier to carry heavy loads and stabilize our wrists.

The top 5 exercises for arms and shoulders are collected here:

In the following there are further fitness exercises in detail to imitate:

Arm and chest muscles

Beginners version: Stand one arm away in front of a wall and support yourself at shoulder height with your hands. Now do pushups against the wall, bending and stretching your arms alternately. The upper body and the legs form a line. Do 15-20 repetitions.

Professional Verion: Go to the quadruped stand, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Lift the lower legs and cross over. Now bend your arms alternately and stretch, while the upper body is lowered in the direction of the ground. Then return to the starting position. Do 15-20 repetitions.

That's how it works: The exercise ensures firm upper arms: It strengthens especially the upper arms behind, so the triceps. The chest muscles get elasticity.

Knew how: Keep the upper body upright all the time, pull the shoulders outwards and the shoulder blades towards the pelvis. The head remains in the extension of the cervical spine. In the meantime inhale and exhale evenly.


Beginners version: First, go into the one-legged knee stand, put the right leg forward on (knee over foot), put the left leg with the lower leg on the ground. Tilt the upper body slightly forward and stretch both arms as far back as possible. Now lift both arms up while exhaling and lower them again when inhaling, elbows are stretched out. Make 15-20 repetitions of it.

Professional version: If you are a bit more experienced, you can make the basic exercise a bit more difficult. Just take two weights in your hands, for example two filled 1 or 1.5 liter water bottles. And do about 15-20 repetitions.

That's how it works: So you tighten the triceps, the muscle on the upper arm back.

Knew how: The ribcage is lifted and the shoulders pulled outwards and backwards. The elbows remain stretched and the palms face inwards.


In this exercise, you may sit or stand upright. The arms are bent at right angles - the palms face inwards. While exhaling, lift both arms sideways at the same time until the elbows are at shoulder level and slowly return to their original position when inhaling. If you are confident in running, you can also take a full 1 or 1.5 liter water bottle in each hand. This makes the exercise more intense. Make 15-20 repetitions of it.

Professional version: Advanced go to the same starting position, both arms are stretched down. Raise the extended arms sideways to shoulder height and lower them again. You can each take a filled water bottle in your hands. Make 15-20 repetitions of it.

That's how it works: Here, especially the musculature of the shoulder is strengthened and shaped.

Knew how: The upper body remains upright and tense. As you raise your arms, shoulders are pulled outward and shoulder blades are pulled down. (From the 5th minute :)

Upper back

Beginners version: In this exercise, you can sit or stand upright. Stretch both arms vertically upwards. The upper arms are more than shoulder-wide open and turned outwards, so that the palms face inwards. Now the arms are pulled further out of this position while exhaling. Again, do 15-20 repetitions.

Professional version: Lie first on the stomach and stretch your arms forward more than shoulder-wide open, the palms facing inwards. Now legs and buttocks are strained and both arms and possibly the head raised - upper body remains on the ground. Make 15-20 repetitions of it.

That's how it works: The exercise consolidates the muscular culture of the shoulder girdle and thus prevents a round back.

Knew how: Pull the shoulders away from the ears, stay upright in the upper body and keep the pelvis stable. (no hyperextension in the lower back).


Beginners version: Go to the quadruped stand (hands under the shoulders, the thighs are vertically above the knees). Now alternately stretch one arm forward to the ground and lower the upper body towards the ground. Stay in this position and take a few deep breaths. Of which each side make 2-3 repetitions.

Professional version: Going into the same starting position, but now both arms are simultaneously stretched forward, while the chest lowered in the direction of the ground down. Stay in this position and take a few deep breaths. Do 2-3 repetitions.

That's how it works: The spine stretches, the ribcage rises and makes a nice décolleté.

Knew how: The thighs remain vertical, the pelvis remains above the knees. The palms face inwards. The head lies in extension of the spine.

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