Upgrade: Birkenstock shoes look SO now!

Fashion bloggers have been wearing sliders with fur from designers like Gucci and Co. for quite some time. But now they are getting serious competition: In New York Birkenstock launched in cooperation with the American department store Barneys a limited fur variant.

This is how the eco-slippers look like with fur

Since the natural stepping stones of Birkenstock in the USA are more in demand than ever before, it was only a matter of time before Barneys noble house teamed up with the German traditional brand and launched its own fur sandal.

At first glance, the models look exactly as we know them: two buckles and a ribbed sole. But at second glance we realize that they have gotten an extremely cuddly upgrade: The sandals now have a lambskin footbed. In total, there are two models? one with pink and one with blue fur, If the sandals were too eco-friendly so far, you'll be thrilled when you see this luxury version.

And here you get the sandals

The good news: You do not have to fly to the US to secure a model. You can order a pair of the limited edition - of just 450 pieces - in your online shop in the coming days. However, the slippers in the fur version are not very cheap: Between 220 and 240 euros you have to spend.

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