TV Tips: Lawyer Beck wants to help a teacher

20:15 clock, RTL, Beck is back !: The teacher, lawyer series

Hannes (Bert Tischendorf) reaches a case of unexpected side: Lenas favorite teacher Mrs. Stach (Anja Knauer) is said to have beaten a student and seriously injured. Although she claims to have only resisted - but the class is silent and the colleagues turn away from her. Hannes does everything to break the silence. As even the press rushes to the teacher, the situation seems more than hopeless.

20:15 clock, ZDF, The dream ship: Mauritius, holiday series

The "MS Germany" is heading for Mauritius. Captain Burger (Sascha Hehn) associates a very dramatic part of his life with this group of islands. As the captain of a cargo ship, he and his crew were attacked by pirates years ago. When Sonja Preiss (Gesine Cukrowski), target investigator of the BKA, arrives aboard the "MS Deutschland", Captain Burger suspects that the past will overtake him. With great concern Beatrice (Heide Keller) must watch as her friend and supervisor leave with Sonja Preiss the ship to identify the leader of the pirates and put him behind bars.

20:15, 3Sat, The informant, crime drama

The young law student Aylin (Aylin Tezel) knows exactly what she wants: Become a lawyer. To finance her studies, she works as an escort girl. Because she had to defend herself against a pushy businessman, now threatened five years in prison. From the police comes an offer that she gets involved in their misery: As a decoy Aylin can avert her sentence and even continue to study law. Drug investigator Jan (Ken Duken) and his boss Hannah (Suzanne von Borsody) put her on the smuggler Musab to arrest him in the act. How dangerous the clever Clan chief can be, but they both do not say.

20:15, VOX, Eternal Heroes, Sportsoap

What do former top athletes Sven Hannawald, Matthias Steiner, Andrea Henkel, Britta Heidemann, Susi Kentikian, Nadine Krause, Christian Ehrhoff and Kevin Kuske have in common? They all fight for "Eternal Heroes" for the title "Best of the Best". In this episode they compete against each other in the competitions "Do not let go", "Powerpackage" and "Punching colors". In addition, handball player Nadine looks back on special moments in her exceptional career.

20:15, kabel eins, Flightplan - Without any trace, thriller

After her husband's death, Kyle (Jodie Foster) decides to leave Germany with her daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston). Shortly after the start of the machine, the woman falls asleep. When she awakes again, the little girl has disappeared from the ground. No one of the other passengers and the crew has ever seen Julia, and she also does not show up on the passenger list. While everyone assumes that Kyle is losing his mind, the woman is desperately looking for her daughter.

Judge Asks Apple Lawyer If They're Smoking Crack! (September 2020).

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