TV soaps: Tuner has an insect problem in "GZSZ"

17:30, RTL: Below us

Andrea suppresses incriminating testimonies against Larissa. But then Larissa becomes suspicious of Robert with a panic attack. Elli is deeply hurt and demands the divorce from Paco. As she searches desperately for distraction, Jacob proves once more to be her only stop. Sina wonders where Bambi is. In order to be able to look at her secret meeting place, she must be careful that she is not caught.

6:00 pm, RTL II: Cologne 50667

Elli falls from all clouds, as she sees her sister in the morning on the posters of the Cologne image campaigns advertising. While Leonie meets with Kevin and Diego for an appointment with an advertising agency, Elli gets carried away to a shorthand plot ...

19:00, RTL II: Berlin - Day & Night

When Peggy finds out how Joe makes fun of him over the birthday party she's planning for her, her collar breaks and she makes a fierce announcement. While Joe disappears annoyed to his biker friends, Alina has an idea of ​​how to make Joe happy.

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Finn and Pauline's approach is interrupted by his sister. While Finn tries to hide his feelings, Antonia Pauline reveals what Finn feels for her. Meanwhile Michelle wants to throw her internship because of Moritz. But when Carmen speaks to her well, she decides to hold out. Meanwhile, Vanessa asks Christoph to take a break and not to overstrain. But Christoph can not get out of his skin.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Felix wants to finish Gerner and Katrin for spying on Lehmann Bank. Nevertheless, Gerner confides confidence that they will eventually pull their heads out of the noose. Tuner tries by all means to hide the infestation of the clubhouse with crickets in front of Felix, because a trifle is that in the restaurant under any circumstances. While he keeps Felix out of harm's way, Lilly and Anni try to help.

How to solve sounds related fault in crt tv and volatage checking technique part 3 (July 2020).

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