TV Soaps: Philip doubts in "GZSZ" in itself

17:30, RTL: Below us

Benedict gets an apparent proof that Andrea is cheating on him with Rufus. He can not take that easy. Jacob behaves condescendingly towards Marc, although it was Marc who freed him and Elli from the elevator. That annoys Saskia extremely. After the power blackout caused by Roswitha, Robert insults his mother as senile. He hits her harder than he can imagine.

6:00 pm, RTL II: Cologne 50667

Elli is full of energy: she has a detailed plan on how to polish up the image of the "base". But of all things Leonie has come before her. Alex is full of praise for Elli's sister - and wants to put Leonie's ideas into action right away. For better or worse, Elli has to back off, but does she really get on with it as well as she claims?

19:00, RTL II: Berlin - Day & Night

Jacky is frustrated. Once again, Alina blocks her overtures. So she puts her gun on the chest of her crush: Either they sleep together or Jacky ends the contact. But under pressure Alina brings no sound over the lips and scared Jacky finally. Alina does not let go of the situation. Is she afraid of too much closeness?

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Simone must prevent Christoph from selling the squad to Dortmund. Fortunately, the new BDE president is an old acquaintance of Richard. Meanwhile, Pauline goes to Isabelle's blackmail to protect Damian, and ends the affair with a heavy heart. But Damian suspects that more is behind Pauline's action. Meanwhile, Marie deeply sad about the dispute with Ingo their followers share in their feelings and reached Ingo with it.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Maren and Alexander have nothing to counter Nina's announcement about her childish behavior. When she sees Alexander fighting with their slip system, they get together and work together. Philip abruptly stops his visit to Laura. Although he wants to work with Katrin against Laura and Felix, he quarrels about having used Laura. Katrin, on the other hand, is very satisfied with his work.

Greenlee and Rannie "A Lifetime Ago" 05/13/08 Part 1 of 2 (July 2020).

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