TV Soaps: Michelle is worried about Moritz in "Alles was zählt"

17:30, RTL: Below us

As Paco can not be dissuaded from his departure, the friends have no choice but to fight against Richmed-Pharma without him. Larissa looks forward to seeing Conor want to surprise her on her 18th birthday. But Conor has a very different mission. Rufus is fed by Roswitha with an absurd explanation for her kiss. He does not believe her, but she persists.

18:05, RTL II: Cologne 50667

Because Lea plans to move out of the shared flat with Marc, she secretly organized a home visit. But when Marc refuses to join in, as he has once again promised Jule to look after her during the day, Lea bursts the collar. She makes it very clear that Marc is not the only person who can take care of Jule.

19:05 clock, RTL II: Berlin - day & night

Schmidti is completely taken by surprise: At the request of Emmi Samu Ben to assist in crafting a Martinslaterne. That would actually be his job as a godfather? He becomes jealous and in order to maintain his status as Ben's fun uncle, he goes into a competition with Samu.

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Michelle is determined, despite her fear for Moritz's life, to support him in his dream, but this is more difficult than expected. Meanwhile, Richard realizes that Ines has only flirted with him to regain her husband's attention. When Carmen realizes that she is well on the way to falling in love with Yüksel, she feels overwhelmed and breaks off the afternoon.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Nihat is looking for a new perspective in life. He must now get money in the cash. Through Paul, Nihat gets a chance from Tuner. At first, Nihat is doing really well with his new job. Nina rejects Toni's allegations and tells her that she does not like her anymore. The fronts are hardened. Luis wants to mediate. He appeals to Toni and seems to actually reach it.

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