TV Soaps: Denise and Henry chase mice in "Storm of Love"

14:10, the first: red roses

Laurenz is very happy to hear from Leonie after a long time and thinks she is looking for contact with him again. Instead of responding to his hopeful SMS, Laurenz discovers a status change on Leonie's Social Networks page. Leonie has posted a photo of herself and Dominik. Laurenz is so taken that he wants to give up the candy store. Britta feels closer to her dead father through his letters to Inken than ever before. While Amalie reacts jealously again, Christian understands that Inken gave her to Britta.

15:10, the first: storm of love

A mouse gets lost in Denise's studio. When Denise goes on a mouse hunt with Henry, it comes to a close moment. Jessica's mystery bothers her more and more. Natasha becomes increasingly skeptical and wonders what is behind Jessica's strange behavior. Tina is caught up in the past and has an unpleasant encounter.

17:30, RTL: Below us

Vivien makes the discovery that Robert has apparently been infected with gonorrhea. Stunned, she thinks he's cheating on Irene. Eva keeps Conor and at the last moment from giving in to her passion. But she can no longer hide her true feelings from him. Britta is determined not to let go of the broken heart because of Rufus. She takes the opportunity and makes the most of her new job.

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Moritz would like to never see his father again. But when Dan suffers from a fainting spell, Moritz makes a discovery in the hospital that upsets him. Meanwhile, Maximilian has to ask himself if Christoph is the right man for the dangerous drug deal. In the meantime, Ingo has come out on top with Ben. Steffi fears being guilty of friends' quarrels and is relieved when they get along again.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Emily is worried when Sunny surprisingly writes the names of her celebration friends on the guest list of a party. Karla gets this and takes the opportunity to drive a wedge between Emily and Sunny by simply deleting the names from the list. When Nihat thinks he's dating Katrin, he disillusioned that she just invited him to help Johanna with a homework assignment. Which heart will he conquer?

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