• April 1, 2023

Turning to the case of George Michael: Was it suicide?

What a tragic guess of Fadi Fawaz. He was the life companion of George Michael and found the musician lifeless on 25 December 2016 on his property. Officially it is said, he 53-year-old died of heart failure. Fawaz, however, is sure: George Michael has ended his life himself.

"The only thing George wanted was death, he tried several times to kill himself, and now he's done it."he writes on Twitter. The posts and the Twitter account are now deleted again and Fadi Fawaz now claims in the conversation with 'Daily mail' that this had been hacked previously. He himself does not want to have written the said post. Nevertheless, this terrible suspicion immediately spread like wildfire.

Drugs and depression Reason for possible suicide?

The singer fought for years against drugs and should have had physical and mental problems. Shortly before his death, he showed himself bloated and tired, and he pulled back further and further: "He became a hermit, because he could not stand it, if people saw him like this," said an insider in the Daily Mail.

Whether this all speaks for a possible suicide is still unclear. So far it is said that the singer died of heart failure. However, after the autopsy failed to produce any results, further investigations are currently underway and may continue for several weeks. Until then, it is said that George Michael's death is "unexplained, but not suspicious."

The singer and Fadi Fawaz have been a couple since 2012. Shortly after he found the Wham star dead, he wrote on Twitter: "This is a Christmas that I will never forget: Right in the morning to find your partner died peacefully in bed ... I will never stop missing you "

New Details of George Michael's Death (April 2023).

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