Training better: Expert tips for fitness training.

For two weeks, personal trainer Marco Santoro answered questions from our Bfriends users about fitness training: is endurance training a must? How do I avoid mistakes in the execution of the exercise? Can I support my training success through my diet? How do I consistently build muscle and with what weights do I train? We publish here, partially shortened, the most interesting questions and answers of fitness expert Marco Santoro. The whole strand can be found in our Bfriends forum.

How do I optimize the intensity and frequency of endurance training?

wildfire 40, trains regularly, writes: "What is the time needed to get the maximum benefit from the training? Prefer four to five hours a week for a higher intensity, or longer, quiet sessions? One day of rest per week? Duration is effective in core stabilization training?

Marco Santoro "For the improvement of the 'endurance' long training sessions are of course useful, because it is about keeping a load as long as possible. However, a short and intense workout has several other benefits: positive influence on strength, strength endurance, speed, coordination, figure etc. and thus also the much higher benefit overall.

Unless you are preparing for a stamina (marathon, triathlon, etc.) competition, you should keep your training much more compact in the future. Due to the resulting higher intensity, your body needs longer training breaks.

The 14-day hull training is definitely not enough. As a purely preventive measure, one would recommend once or twice a week (about 30 minutes). If there are already back problems, increase to two to three times a week.

Which training leads to a firmer figure?

Smile01 asks: "My week has been looking like this for about four years: Monday one hour of power yoga, one hour of kick power and one hour of power yoga, one hour of power yoga, one hour of yoga Thursday (quiet course), one Saturday Hour of aerobics and one hour of power yoga, but I still have a tummy, hip pads and thighs and upper arms could also be less bumpy, biceps, triceps, and also the abdominal muscles (transverse / oblique / straight) are part of my workout What can I optimize to get a firmer body?

Marco Santoro answers: Your sports program is already very extensive, but you should consider whether it is not optimizable. Try exchanging some yoga classes for power classes (like kickfit) and strength training sessions. Your body needs new stimuli, new limits, new challenges after four years.

In order to get an athletic figure, you also have to train athletically. You have the best effect when your training or exercises are so exhausting that you want to quit. Speed ​​training is your keyword.

How do I improve my running training?

BieneTine asks: Since April of this year I'm jogging, usually two or three times a week, I also cycle and go to the Power Plate (about twice a week). When jogging, however, I have the feeling that I am not progressing; I can not do more than 30 minutes and I walk very slowly. How can I achieve more?

Marco Santoro Answer: It could be that your training is too subtle, i. e. you have to push your limits to improve your performance. My advice: run 5 minutes longer every week (max. 60 minutes).

Another possibility might be that you are already in overtraining and your performance is stagnating or decreasing. Signs are u.a. Fatigue, sluggishness, sports injuries etc.

To give you the exact reason, I would need to know more about you. Your body data, your everyday life, your technique and intensity, your diet, etc. are crucial.

How "normal" is sore muscles?

HexeVersteckse asks: I go to the studio between one to three times a week and train on the devices. If I start a new device or have a week off training break, I get sore muscles. Even though I do not feel like exercising while exercising.

Nothing against the sore muscles, for me that means: "You have done something" - I only know many people who do not know sore muscles at all. I, on the other hand, get sore muscles with a slight but unusual muscle strain? Is this "in the normal range"?

Marco Santoro Answer: Although sore muscles are sports injuries, they are not critical. The body reacts only to new exercises with sore muscles. New is an exercise but also when the last of this species is over a week ago.

"Borderline" always in connection with "regular". If you feel that you get disproportionately sore muscles despite the regularity of your exercises, then I would go to a doctor who checks your body for nutrient deficiencies with a blood count.

How do I combine Power Plate with strength training?

mystery asks: "... I had tried the Power Plate two years ago and found that the muscular strain feels completely different and tends to make it more toned and leaner than classic strength training, and of course it saves a lot of time, just 15 Minutes for a program that would take me at least an hour on classic power equipment.

Disadvantage is only that I lack the feeling of effort during training. Difficult to explain, but I miss the classic device training. At Power-Plate I just do not have the satisfying feeling of having done something ... That's why I'd like to do both. However, I realistically only come to the sport three times a week, sometimes only twice.

Which sequence makes more sense with 3 training sessions per week? Strength Training - PowerPlate - Strength Training or PowerPlate - Strength Training - PowerPlate?

Marco Santoro Answers: Replacing a 15-minute workout on the Power Plate with a 60-minute exercise session in the equipment area is by no means the same. Twice a week 10 minutes on the Power Plate are a great accompaniment to equipment training.

Beware of the intensity on the Power Plate. After training, you feel like you're still fit, but your muscles have been inwardly due to the vibration of a very high stimulus. The classic strengthening program should not be missed.

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