Too less sleep? This has bad consequences

After a night with bad or too little sleep, we usually feel like slain. Concentrating is difficult for us, the eyes are burning and the mood is not the best either. But lack of sleep has even more serious effects on our body - especially when it becomes chronic. According to one study, more than 700 genes change after just one week with less than six hours of sleep per night.

The Huffington Post has compiled the results of several sleep studies - and comes up with a long list of negative changes to our organism. Even a single night with little sleep does not leave us without a trace. So we have more hunger the next day and tend to eat more (and unfortunately also high in calories). In the supermarket, the most unhealthy foods are the most enticing. With less than six hours of sleep, the risk of a traffic accident triples, as we are more inattentive at the wheel and worse at coordination. For a cold, we are also three times more susceptible because our immune system is weakened.

The lack of sleep also affects our appearance. Not enough that dark circles and thick bags tell us - even our skin ages faster. We are less accessible to others. Exhaustion makes us forgetful and makes it difficult for us to stay focused. An American study from 2007 found that too little sleep upsets our emotional life. Emotional brain areas showed 60 percent more activity.

Anyone who suffers from chronic sleep deprivation should seek urgent help. Because over a longer period, the recovery deficit leads to significant health risks. Whether stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart attack): The likelihood of developing a serious illness increases due to lack of sleep. Woken up nights are a ticking time bomb - and should be taken seriously.

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