Thomas and Thea Gottschalk: So wicked the net reacts to the separation

This news caused scared faces on Monday: Thomas (68) and Thea Gottschalk (73) separated after about 43 years of marriage together. The confirmed the lawyer of the entertainer on request of the "Bild" newspaper. While the statement was asked to respect the privacy of the family, various Twitter users did not miss the opportunity to leave one or the other witty commentary on the unexpected marriage issue. The question is: is it okay to make fun of a fresh breakup? The Gottschalks had to read among other things these sayings:

Is Markus Lanz to blame?

So many a Twitter user referred to Thomas Gottschalk's successor in his cult show "Wetten, dass ..?", Which he moderated from 1994 to 2011. In 2012 he was replaced by Markus Lanz. "Thomas Gottschalk separates from his wife, does Markus Lanz have to do it again?", A commentator asks, for example, on a recent occasion, while another writes: "... you can see what this Lanz has done."

In addition, many are amused that in various media about the breakup news was reported. A user tweets this: "For current reasons, the ZDF has changed its program today, 'Two Noses Fuel Super' and 'Pirate Transmitter Powerplay' runs from 20:15 clock. With these two films Gottschalk made in the years 1984 and 1982 together with Mike Krüger for amusement at the German television viewers.

"Betting that ..?" - Jokes preprogrammed

Those knew Thomas Gottschalk to "Wetten, dass ..?" - times above all by its quirk, the broadcasting time to cover. In response to a Twitter user jokes: "Gottschalk: marriage-off after over 40. Actually, his wife wanted to part with 30 years ago, but Thomas has again clearly covered."

But some Gottschalk fans can not believe that the presenter idol and his wife, who were always known for their scandal-free marriage, really separate. "What else should one stick to in life?" Asks a commentator on the headline "Marriage-out after more than 40 years".

Or was it the fire in Malibu?

And of course, the Malibu fire, which burned down the Gottschalks' mansion last year, will also get rid of his fat on Twitter. "When she rescued the cats at the fire in Malibu and not his expensive paintings - that was already foreseeable," it says, for example. Or also: "At Gottschalk's the hut is already burning again."

Jokes after the separation? Pretty hard!

Clearly: A separation after 43 years is tough enough and mocking Twitter comments are certainly the last thing you want to read. Is humor appropriate in this situation? how do you see it?


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