• July 12, 2020

This woman feels ugly? until a man writes her these words ??

"Ladies, how do you deal with not being pretty?"asked an anonymous woman at Reddit. She writes:"I am not pretty and never will be. I can wear make-up, style my hair, wear a nice dress and high heels and still never be 9 out of 10. I know that should not bother me, but do it anyway. How do you deal with the fact that men do not find you attractive? How do you manage to accept and love, no matter what you look like?"

Although the question is expressly addressed to women, the uncertain woman also answers a man ? luckily you have to say that, because His words are really touching and allow a rare glimpse into the true thoughts of a man.

"I know what it feels like not to like his body"

Henry, as the man calls himself, begins his posting with the following words: "I do not want to disturb you here or talk your feelings down, just offer a perspective that may help. Believe me, I know what it feels like not to like his body, I was wounded in Iraq and have some unsightly scars. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept that I'll never look the same again. That's just shit sometimes. "

How men fall in love

Then he tries to explain how a man sees a woman he likes like: "I wish I could let you look into the head of a man who's just falling in love with a woman ... Sometimes a guy meets a woman and thinks nothing else. Maybe she's a coworker, a school friend, or a friend of a friend. It is stored in the head as 'female, known, neutral posture'. Then he gets to know her better and when her personalities harmonize, something fascinating happens in his head ... "

It starts very small:One day he realizes that he feels good when he looks at this woman. He likes her wrinkles, her curves, her voice and her smell. He likes to look at the line of her nose, or that little spot where her ear touches her face. It's not something he can call concrete, but just looking at these places gives him a good feeling. It's like a black and white photo slowly turning into a colorful 3D movie with surround sound. A perfect movie that makes him feel good. He begins to think about what he can do to have her around more often to make her happy. He realizes that he does nothing better than to look closely at this woman. It is beautiful and perfect for him. "

A man who loves a woman does not see her objectively, writes Henry. "It's like a filter. He does not see what you see in the mirror. What he sees is beautiful and perfect and great. Just go and look at older couples who have been married for decades. Look into the eyes of these men. Sure, maybe he'll check out when a young girl walks by in Yogapants ... yet Pay attention to his eyes when he looks at his wife, If you look closely, you can almost see his eyes soften as he looks at YOU as this filter begins to work. At that moment he does not see the small, wrinkled woman in front of him? but something wonderful."

Many women are very touched by these special words. A reader even writes to him:Damn, now maybe I'm in love with youAnd another answers:My husband often tells me he likes me. I know it's not me, which always upset him, but now I understand that's not important. He believes it, and that's what matters."

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