This woman celebrated a farewell party for her breasts

Claira Hermet was just nine years old when her mother died of breast cancer. Three years ago, the 27-year-old Briton lost her older sister - she also had breast cancer and was only 31 years old. Shortly thereafter, Claira took a heart, overcame her fear and opted for a bilateral preventive mastectomy, because she also carries a mutation of the gene BRCA 1 in itself. This change in genetic material increases the risk of breast cancer by up to 85 percent. Removing the mammary gland reduces the risk to about four percent.

The road to that brave decision had not been any easier, the radio and TV presenter told The Daily Mail, "When I learned that I had the BRCA gene in me, it felt like somebody in I hit the stomach on the way from the hospital to the subway. " Although she had already known at that moment that she would have the surgery done - but she was only 19 years old then. "I was scared, I wanted to wait until I was in a stable relationship with a man who loves me for my own sake." Only years later did she realize that her breasts did not define her and that a man would not leave her for that.

"My mother's death has haunted me from childhood to young adulthood, but after the death of my sister, I realized that I have no right to feel miserable and to bath in self-pity - for I have my life ahead of me "Claira writes on her website. "After setting the date for surgery, I felt strengthened," she says.

This strength took advantage of her. She was looking for ways to make the most of the challenge - and decided to organize a photo shoot and a farewell party for her breasts. Said, done: A few days ago, she celebrated with friends a lavish party, cup cakes and baseball cap in bust form included.

Claira and her "Goodbye Boobs Party" gift

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Claira wants to reach as many people as possible with her story, so that she, too, "can overcome her fears and feel strengthened, confident and self-determined," as she writes in a blog entry for the BBC. She also uses YouTube for this. One of the most popular clips on her channel is "Boobs Are Good" - a video that she recorded before her surgery, with a wink telling why she loves her breasts:

"I did not choose my life circumstances, but I believe they were meant for me, I think I have to make the most of it and I hope to radiate love, positivity and peace," Claira writes on her website. The day of her surgery - which she christened "Double D Day" in reference to her cup size - has meanwhile come to an end - on January 21, her mammary glands were removed and she's fine, she writes on Twitter. "I still have my own nipples! "- and a smile on his face.

Via Twitter, Claira talks about her everyday life

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A Farewell Party for a Woman’s Breasts? (July 2020).

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