This Pinterest recipe tastes like the epitome of Christmas

This recipe made me the secret hero of the Christmas party last year: two glasses of it, nicely packed with red ribbons and a lovingly designed pendant, brought to the family? and everyone was happy. What nobody but (luckily!) Nobody knew: The Spekulatius spread is done very quickly.

Here's the recipe for coffee and cupcakes.

You will love the speculum cream!

Granted: a diet recipe is not exactly the aromatic spread. But so much delicious taste has its price. And I promise, it will not be the calories you think of your loved ones on Christmas morning, when you spread the spread on the bun and bite it for the first time with relish. Because this cream is? thanks to speculoos, cinnamon and cloves - the epitome of Christmas!

So this year I will be back in the kitchen just before the feast and fill the delicious Spekulatius spread in pretty glasses to make my sweetheart happy. Need more ideas? Then click here:

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