• March 20, 2023

This little thing makes you an even better kisser

Proper kissing needs to be learned? in any case, if you are not natural (which of course most of us are!). Practicing does not hurt one way or the other: kissing is what you do happy, consolidates the relationship and demonstrably strengthens the immune system, So saliva free and go!

Men like it more wet

Which makes things a little bit harder: men and women seem to have an easy time different ideas of the perfect kiss, At least this is suggested by research, such as a 2007 study by Albany University (New York). More than 1,000 students were interviewed at the time, and the answers provided not only interesting insights into the purpose that genders tend to follow when kissing (kissing men) rather for reconciliation and sex, women to confirm and consolidate the relationship status), but also about the gender-specific desires.

While women love to be passionate and clean, and do not always have to go for tongue-kissing to be satisfied, men prefer much wetter kisses with as much tongue as possible (that explains a lot, surely some of us will now think ...).

But everything is so wild! Because with a simple trick, we come to our kiss partner loose enough to then dismiss him in good conscience and also happy? even without saliva.

What we can do before the kiss

According to Sadie Allison, sex coach and kiss expert, can we ignite his passion and increase his happiness in advance, before our lips touch at all? by ourselves once gently lick our lips! Easy to bite on the lower lip also works, the main thing, we steer his gaze? in the most erotic way possible? on our red sensory organs.

And if you do not know when kissing, where to go with your hand: The expert recommends his neck. However, it is different than in the lip area: Too much moisture would make him more likely to ...

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