This is how Til Schweiger raves about the AfD and its voters

For a long time it was quiet about Til Schweiger and his Facebook profile. The entertainer was for months in the headlines with his sometimes krawling and quite hearty social media envelopes. But now, after the federal election Schweiger brings out the club again - and swinging them especially in the direction of the alternative for Germany (AfD).

The entertainer wrote after the election: "But we are talking about a party that wants to 'chase' our Chancellor, a party that wants to reclaim the land for the 'people' ... A party whose grandfathers have completely destroyed this wonderful country by instigating the worst of wars. "

So! Now I've been reading a few comments for a long time (I've saved myself that since the ...

Posted by Til Schweiger on Monday, September 25, 2017

On his Facebook page Schweiger has thereby started a great discussion - also because he accused, among other things, the SPD cowardice, because the decided immediately after the election, not to go to the government.

Later he rowed a bit back here - but renewed his criticism of the AfD: "I have thought again with the SPD .... to go into the opposition is not cowardly, I take that back," he writes. And he turns to all AfD voters who have speculated that Schweiger emigrated after their entry into the Bundestag: "I love our great country too much to leave it to fools!"

I am pleased with the many reactions to my post- I even read a few-and immediately ...

Posted by Til Schweiger on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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