This is how the shoe traffic light works

Our shoe traffic light shows immediately which shoes fit the outfit and which are not. red means: "Dear not!" yellow is a: "Yes, but ..." And if the traffic light green Light gives, then fit the shoes almost perfectly to the outfit!

This is how it works:

The shoe traffic light offers you two search options:

Find the perfect outfit for a particular pair of shoes: First, find your favorite shoe in the right wheel of the traffic light. Use the arrows in the red selection rectangle to turn the wheel back and forth. If you want to go fast: Click on the white selection box below the right wheel. Here you will find different shoe types that you can directly select. When you have found your shoe, you can switch to the left outfit bike. Click through the outfits with the arrows in the red rectangle. The traffic light shows you with every outfit, how well it suits the shoe.

Find matching shoes for a specific outfit:Start with the left wheel and pick out your favorite outfit. Again, you can directly select the different styles of fashion. If you have found your favorite outfit, switch to the right wheel to the shoes. With each click the traffic light will show you if you are on the right track with the shoe.

An additional search option is available via a free input field. The field appears when you place the cursor on the shoe lamp, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and press the letter "S". Using the search box that appears, you can search for any keywords such as shoe types (e.g., wedges), brands, or outfits (e.g., shorts).

You like the outfit? For every look you will find a text below the traffic light. Here you will find all manufacturer information.

You want to buy the shoes? If you see the cart symbol on your desired shoe, you can order it right away: just click on it and you will land directly in the shop.

Here's the shoe traffic light

Technical requirements:

To be able to use all the functionalities of the shoe lamp, you need the latest flashplayer, which you can download here for free.

How To Make Traffic Light from Cardboard (July 2020).

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