• July 15, 2024

This couple has saved over 40,000 euros in one year? with these strategies

The American Matt runs a blog in which he writes about how he works with his fiancée Marina, financially better. Just a few years ago, Matt had converted almost 100,000 euros in debt from a student loan. But now the couple has made the turnaround? and saved more than 40,000 euros last year!

But how did they do it? We reveal their six most successful strategies to save more money - maybe you can get rich with them too!

1. Reduce yourself

Matt and Marina moved into a much smaller apartment and manage to spend more money each month. Matt puts it in a nutshell: "Live big in a small home." The two live in a neighborhood where most of the people around them spend a much larger part of their income on rent than they do themselves: "We could afford an apartment that costs a good 800 euros more per month," reveals Matt? but they do not do it, but save alone on rent just under 10,000 euros a year.

2. Give up your car

For most of us, this may be inconceivable, but Matt and his fiancee have completely abolished their car and switched to public transport, the bicycle or their own feet. Matt: "Just this single decision has made me healthier, happier and richer in recent years than any other." The renouncement of a car saves it according to own statement scarcely 8000 euro in the year.

3. Cancel rarely used subscriptions

Whether it's a magazine we rarely read, Netflix, or the monthly food box of a food supplier? Matt and his fiancé have realized that monthly costs for subscriptions of all kinds have a huge savings potential. Your tip: Look critically at the monthly costs and renounce everything that is dispensable. In this way you can save several hundred euros.

4. Cook at home

Matt and his sweetheart barely go out to eat and also save money when shopping. Because: They have become accustomed to cooking for themselves. Because they "cook properly," they also spend less on finished products in the supermarket, instead planning their meals to make the most of all the ingredients and not throw anything away. Matt writes: "In addition, we eat much healthier today than then!"

5. Distinguish "Need" from "Want"

Admissions, a coffee-to-go and a tumble dryer in the basement? need you really? Matt and his fiancée have analyzed all the issues and found that way too often we mean that we have something needWhat we really only want, Recognizing the difference between "needing" and "wanting" can save you thousands of dollars a year, Matt describes in his blog. His tip: keep a book on your expenses? it will open your eyes.

6. The most important tip: change your mindset

Many people read valuable tips for saving, but then fail to implement. That's why Matt's most important tip is: Come into action! "We've gotten used to reading such tips and not putting them into action Avoiding the mistake we've made for years Really: Do something today by really implementing at least one point from this list and immediately start saving money! "

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