• July 12, 2020

This baby weighs as much as 8 months at a whopping 19 kilos!

What's up with Baby Chahat? The little girl from India eats and eats - and gets fatter! The eight-month-old baby now weighs almost 20 kilos - as much as a healthy four-year-old!

And there is no end in sight: according to numerous media reports, the girl's parents accept her daughter's fate: they give her food more and more, because otherwise she cries. The child seems to have an insatiable appetite - and nobody knows why.

Even doctors can not explain the phenomenon of the giant baby. However, a closer examination of Chahat is also not possible because the girl's parents are too poor to pay for the hospital. And: The fat tissue and strong skin of the baby make a blood test impossible.

It seems like Chahat just keeps eating - meanwhile the baby has serious problems to move and breathe.

The parents of Chahat see themselves as powerless - God apparently wanted that the girl has this unnatural appetite, according to media reports.

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