These transformations make speechless!

Completely new type: These before-and-after pictures are real eye-catchers!

Such a make-over is always a critical matter: Of course you make it without much difficulty, a model with targeted changes in clothing and make-up to look completely different. And if it's just about a particularly impressive comparison photo, incredible changes are possible.

But with ordinary people who do not have a stylist in tow every day looking after them, it looks different. A new look will last at most until the next hair wash, before everything goes back to normal. Therefore, one can generally assume that the more extreme the make-over, the less stock it has.

This is precisely where the concept of the photographer Konstantin Bogomolov comes in: It is all about finding a style concept together that simply suits the individual and can be continued without outside help. The new look is tailored to the personality and the profession of the person - and should help to especially new self-confidence. The photographer therefore takes a lot of time for long conversations in order to get to know the people in front of his camera as well as possible. Only then does he decide which changes will work best in each case.

Ideally, women are then the "best version" of themselves. Could this goal be achieved? Leaf through the photos yourself and make your own judgment:

Extreme make-over: the pictures at a glance

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Successful change or perhaps too much in the individual case? The difference is impressive for every single woman. It is amazing how Bogomolov can change the type and figure of people in front of his camera so much only through his styling impulses.

Incidentally, he does not take money for this service. He wants to take good pictures - and that the "models" afterwards feel nice and confident.

More before-and-after photos can also be found on Konstantin Bogomolov's website.

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