These babies are Papas doppelgangers

What is there to see?

Fathers and babies who look so much alike. Partially consciously so photographed, partly obviously without knowledge of the motives. In any case, it's amazing how big the similarities are in the pictures.

Oh .. I think, babies do not look like their parents. I think they look like babies.

Of course there is. But here it is clearly not true.

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Ha! Okay, I admit - that's pretty similar. How come?

So - scientists are pretty sure that the strong dad-baby similarity in the weeks after birth is an evolutionary remnant.

What does "pretty sure" mean?

Well - there are studies that have investigated that. But the theory is also controversial. Looking at these photos, one can calmly discuss the thesis of the natural paternity test established by evolution.

And why the paternity proof? So there was no jealousy with the other men in the group?

Even more dramatic - there are also animals that eat their offspring. It was probably not that extreme for us, but a mini issue from Dad made sure that the grower did not just move on to a cave, but felt responsible for the child and mother, protecting them, providing food, and generally feeling part of the family ,

Just because the child looked like him? That's pretty autocratic, right?

We're talking about men, too.

And the Stone Age moms? Did not they care to eat their children, or at least to break them? Even on bad days I have the impulse myself.

No, women are less egocentric. That's even proven scientifically.

There was a test of how vulnerable men and women are to child eating?

Almost: Baby photos were shown to a group of men and women, some of whom (thanks to Photoshop) had their own facial features. The men all said that they wanted to spend time with (or even adopt) the children, who were literally cut out of their faces. The women did not care, they found all babies equally cute.

It's a cliché, but sometimes men are really stupid.

Right. But fortunately they sometimes compensate that with niceties like funny photos.

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