• June 13, 2021

These are the 3 most fashionable hairstyles 2019? for your vagina!

Always running around with the same hairstyle? Would probably be too boring for most! And what is true for the head, some feel the same for the private parts. The advantage there: We can cheerfully experiment before us and let off steam creatively, without anybody noticing it! And those who get to see it will find us irresistible with every hairstyle anyway.

These 3 Intimfrisuren are 2019 in the trend

If one believes waxing and hair removal experts, the intimate hairstyle trends 2019 can best be summarized as follows: Clean, cleaner, cleanest! Anyway, the times of the playful floral cuts seem to be over for the time being. And for now we can confidently forget about cuts like the complicated bonsai as well as the funny chaplin. What some will be happy about: Even the good old Landing Strip should be out in 2019. Reduced, minimalist, simple, straightforward, clear forms? that is announced below this year. Concrete examples complacent? May I help you!

The triangle

© Senzera / PR

It does not matter if it is isosceles, acute-angled or equilateral? Main thing 180 degrees! Triangle cuts are chic, practical and relatively easy to style yourself. In addition, they fit well with our natural body shape. Most of them basically just need to reduce their natural growth a bit and prune them.

The stamp

© Senzera / PR

Definitely something for experimentation! Everything is removed for the stamp except a small square just above the vulva. Small? but also pretty fine, right?


© Senzera / PR

"Alles weg" is still one of the hottest variants of intimate styling in 2019. For example, with "Senzera" customers, Brazilian or complete cut is by far the most popular with 70 percent demand.

Not so excited about the Intim-Trends 2019? Does not matter? luckily we do not have to join every trend!

Videotipp: Kim Kardashian shows intimate beauty trend

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