These 7 spices help you lose weight!

Lose weight as an aside: In addition to the classic weight loss tips, there are other ways to boost the fat burning in everyday life. Especially suitable for: spices! Some put metabolism and digestion in the turbo gear!

1. Turmeric against cravings

Turmeric is full of bitter substances. What sounds unpleasant is great for losing weight? because these substances prevent cravings and accelerate the feeling of fullness. In addition, the so-called curcumin helps to break down existing fat cells and at the same time disturbs the construction of new cells.

2. Black pepper? he can do everything

Who wants to lose weight with spices, hopefully it is spicy? because nothing stimulates the metabolism as well as spicy spices. This includes black pepper: He ensures that the body produces more heat. And for that he taps into our energy reserves? at best, the unloved love handles on the stomach and on the hips. In addition, black pepper, like turmeric, should prevent the buildup of new fat cells.

3. Hot, hotter, chili

Do you feel the sweat on your forehead while eating? Well! This is a signal that your body is working at full speed. Chili increases our energy expenditure and lets us burn more calories. The more often Chili con Carne and Co. are on the menu, the better!

4. Cinnamon helps blood sugar levels

Normally, cinnamon is a classic Christmas spice. But if you want to lose a few pounds, cinnamon should always put on his menu. Because he keeps the blood sugar level constant, thereby avoiding food cravings. Studies show that eating cinnamon daily can reduce weight even if you do not change your eating habits.

5. Allrounder ginger

There is a good reason why ginger is treated as a superfood: ginger against bad breath works just as well as against nausea, in addition, the spice relieves pain. Ginger can also help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and accelerate the burning of calories. In addition, the spice supports the body in the elimination of toxins and pollutants, which has a detoxifying effect.

6. Dehydrate cloves

Anyone who is just starting a diet change knows the phenomenon: In the first one to two weeks you lose a comparatively high number of kilos. For the first thing is always water flushed out and that's difficult. The enjoyment of cloves supports this process: The active ingredients in the flowers accelerate the removal of water retention.

7. Cumin fights fat

Cumin contains certain plant substances called phytosterols, which help the body to break down fat cells? similar to turmeric and black pepper. But cumin can do even more: First, it boosts the metabolism and improves blood lipid levels, on the other hand, it calms the gastrointestinal tract. This makes food more digestible.

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Episode 183 - 7 Spices that will Help you Lose Weight & Belly Fat (October 2020).

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