THEREFORE eggs are never refrigerated in the supermarket

Eggs are in the fridge - but why does not this unwritten law really apply to supermarkets? To answer this question, we first have to look into the US, where it is even illegal to bring uncooled eggs to the customer in the supermarket.

Freshly laid eggs must always be thoroughly washed with warm water and odorless soap - for hygienic reasons. Because after laying the ice, feathers and fecal matter can stick to it.

In Germany, it is the other way round: eggs are not washed after laying, so as not to damage the natural protective layer (cuticle). Because this protective layer prevents bacteria and salmonella from getting inside the ice.

In order to avert the salmonella danger and to keep the chicken eggs fresh, these must be stored cooled in the USA. In this country, this process is not necessary, which is why eggs in the summer can be on the shelf, without spoiling.

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