Therapeutic Fasting: Abandon with the 12-day program

In this article you can expect:

  • Chances and Limits of Fasting
  • Exercise, relaxation and body care in fasting
  • Checklist: May I fast?
  • Fasting plan for the 12-day program
  • That's what you need for the fasting program

Therapeutic fasting as an energy source

Millions of people in Germany fast regularly, most of them are fasting women. Once or twice a year, they abstain from solid food for a week, consuming only water, tea, fruit juice and vegetable broth. Self-flagellation? The descriptions of experienced followers of the fasting cure sound different: they speak of deep contentment, carefree lightness and new energy thanks to the healing fasting.

For such high feelings of fasting (for example, the Mayr cure), there are now even scientific explanations. The brain researcher Gerald Hüther from Göttingen has investigated how messenger substances and hormones react to food deprivation. He found out how important it is that the decision on fasting and detoxification is made voluntarily. According to Hüther, "only under this condition does the evaluation center in the cerebral cortex classify the situation as 'non-threatening' and refrain from producing stress hormones.

The head comes to rest, energy is released

Instead, after about three days of fasting, the release of serotonin increases and provides for internal harmonization and satisfaction. The head and the intestinal flora come to rest, energy is released. Who decides to purify, often sleeps little and still feels recovered. You feel more connected to yourself, more relaxed and open. Not only taste or scent are perceived more intense, all senses are sharpened in a fasting therapy by refraining from eating.

Even those who have nothing to do with God and faith, in this time of austerity, suspect why all great religions also know programs of Heifastens: I need modestly little for this balance and inner peace, so the salutary knowledge.

What happens while fasting in our organ systems is controversial among experts. Therapeutic Fasting Trailers speak of inner cleansing and purification, of fasting as a medicine against lifestyle diseases such as allergies or hypertension. School physicians argue that our organism is weakened when it consumes its own protein reserves, and warn against an addiction to the fasting euphoria. But: Meanwhile, there are already the medical company Heilfasten and nutrition e.V. (ÄGHE), which deals with the topics of fasting health, fasting therapy, fasting, intermittent fasting and fasting in general, medically.

What are the chances and limits of this self-awareness?

If you want to fast, you have to be healthy and resilient. And make aware beforehand what the chances, but also the limits, of this self-awareness are. Fasting is not a way to lose weight, the lost weight is almost automatically after fasting again. With diets can not be compared to fasting fasting. Unless fasting becomes a deliberate caesura, breaking with established habits and replacing them with healthier rituals. Lent may also be a good option for a subsequent diet change.

A must for fasting: exercise, relaxation and body care

That's why the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde fasting program also includes exercise and relaxation exercises and soothing body care - not just for Lent. The fitness program can easily be integrated into the daily routine afterwards. And the beauty program helps to create rest islands in everyday life: minutes for me alone.

Juice fasting, alkaline fasting, purifying - what helps with the detoxification?

Eat nothing, and life becomes easier? This does not always work out during the fast from the beginning. Tiredness, sore muscles in the thighs, head, back or body aches: In the first days of fasting, the body first often activates its weak points. "The most must be understood in response to health problems in the time before," said the experienced fasting director Dorothe Bertlich-Baumeister.

Maybe after the fasting cure you have already replaced some old habits with new ones before you start eating again. Let's start the morning with gentle exercise instead of strong coffee to get your metabolism going. Or to create small relaxation islands against the daily stress - instead of cigarettes and snacks.

After fasting, the time is particularly favorable to leave exited tracks. Because you feel strong.Because you felt that you can spend some time completely out of yourself. With this power, good intentions for life after Lent are easier to realize.

Checklist: May I fast?

Clearly: Only those who are physically fit may fast at home. Always check with your family doctor for your fastness first. Anyone who is recovering from an operation or serious illness, is pregnant or is breastfeeding a child should not fast at all.

In the following symptoms you should discuss the decision for or against fasting with your doctor or fasting only under medical supervision (for example, in a fasting clinic in which special detox cures are offered and in which you slag with other fasting people can):

With these complaints you should do without the fasting fast:

  • General exhaustion, irritability, nervous tension, tendency to depressive moods or depression
  • Food addiction or bulimia
  • regular medication (exception: the pill)
  • chronic diseases such as diabetes, gout, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, psoriasis
  • pronounced allergies
  • Heart attack risk, high blood pressure
  • Overweight of more than 30 percent
  • underweight

1st day - discharge day

Nutrition: Slowly get ready for the fast days, also internally. Forgoing alcohol, coffee, black tea and sweets. Drink at least two liters of still water, juice spritzer, herbal tea. Eat light and a little less - just enough to be full. Give up greasy and meat, but there's plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrain rice.

Move: Power sports as usual. Those who are rarely active should take a longer walk.

2nd day - discharge day

Nutrition: No meat, fish, no eggs. Menu suggestion: fruit and quark in the morning, potatoes and vegetables at lunchtime, vegetable juice in the afternoon, broth with rice and some cooked vegetables in the evening. drinkingt at least 2 liters of water, juice spritzer, herbal tea.

Maintenance: Now a basic bath makes sense, it supports the diverting, d. H. detoxifying function of the skin. Bath temperature about 37 degrees, bath time about 15 minutes. In the bath water scrub the whole body with a Luffaschwamm or a brush. You have no tub? Then do a shower peel, you can also use the luffa sponge dry after showering.
Move: like the first day

3rd day - house cleaning for the intestine


Now it really starts with the fasting. Set this day so you can stay home. Morning 1/4 liter of morning tea, z. B. Rosemary tea, hawthorn tea (stimulates circulation) or verbena (verbena) or peppermint tea (stimulating liver and bile). Believe in the connection, so dissipate with Glauber's salt: So that the body can better switch from food intake to excretion, fasting is initiated with a vigorous defecation. This measure reduces the feeling of hunger during fasting.


This is how it works: super slim take 20 g Glauber's salt to 1/2 liter of water, normal weight 30 g to a 1/2 liter of water, overweight 40 g to 3/4 liter of water. Glauber's salt tastes awful, may add a few drops of lemon juice. Drink this solution cool and as quickly as possible. Within the next one to three hours several diarrheal evacuations occur. Should the stomach pinch: drink tea or water, put to bed, a hot water bottle on the stomach. If no defecation has stopped by evening, help with an enema (pharmacy).

Danger: Women who take the pill should postpone the intake to three hours after the discharge. And: Anyone who suffers from migraine every now and then or has spinal disc problems, must not believe in any case, since the rapid withdrawal of water can increase the symptoms. Alternative: Laxoberal or Passage FX salt (both available at the pharmacy). These funds are slower. The process lasts all day here and not just one to three hours.


Drink vegetable broth and water for lunch. You can either buy vegetable broths as a finished product (yeast extract-free!) From the health food store or home-made food or produce them yourself. In the afternoon herbal tea (eg ginger tea, has a warming effect) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (such as chamomile, St. John's wort, valerian, hops, lemon balm, as these are relaxing), fruit or vegetable juices.

Fruit juices never pure, but always strongly diluted than Schorle drink, mixing ratio 1/3 juice, 2/3 water. Recommended fruit juices: apple cloudy, grape and pear (see shopping list). Also dilute vegetable juices. It is best to mix the juice with hot water in a ratio of 1: 1 and then spoon it out like a soup instead of drinking it out of the glass. You can use all the vegetable juices offered in the health food shop / health food store. If you prefer lactic fermented juices, you also support your natural bowel function.

Important: Also in the course of the day in between drinking water again and again! If you do not like tea, you can only drink water. The main thing, you come to the sufficient total drinking of three liters: so at least 2.5 liters of water and tea, each 1/4 liter of broth and juice. If necessary, d. H. if you feel dizzy and the circulation collapses, you should take some honey or agave syrup, eg. In tea. Sugars and sweeteners are prohibited!


Believing lusts, spoils you in the care. Take a particularly nourishing, non-drying gel for showering. Then a brush massage is good, preferably oil the skin first. With a body brush from the feet starting the whole body with strong stroking - always in the direction of the heart - rub off. First feet and legs, then arms, finally belly and upper body. Work the belly with circular movements.

The massage has a double effect: the skin becomes supple, circulation and metabolism are stimulated. Good for the face is a mild, soothing cream. Imagine a rich hand cream. It may be that you need her several times a day. In the evening cream your feet thick and massage. This warms, relaxes and ensures a pleasant feeling. Also, the foot reflex zones are activated: first knead the whole feet, then massively massage each toe individually, with the fist edit the sole of the foot, then finish again the entire foot.


Lazing a lot, but also taking a little walk. In no case go to the sauna, that would be too much for the circulation now. If you feel good, start with the yoga exercises for therapeutic fasting.

4th day - fasting day


Morning morning tea (as on day 3 or, if a skin-cleansing effect is desired, rosehip or sage tea). Lunch vegetable broth and water. If hunger persists, spoon a rice or oat broth instead of the vegetable broth. Recipe for 1 serving: boil 1 tbsp shredded rice or oatmeal with 150 milliliters of water. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from heat, pass mass through a sieve. Season soup with herbs if necessary.

In the afternoon herbal tea (as on day 3, or in case of bloating aniseed or fennel tea) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (see day 3), fruit or vegetable juices. Attention: If there is a problem with digestion (this applies to all fasting days!), You should make an enema at night or use a light abdominal massage.


As on the 3rd day. For pimples and blackheads, clean the face with a gentle washing cream to prevent skin blemishes. B. with mild lactic acid abschilfernd easily and pore-opening, at the same time has an antibacterial effect. By fasting, the lips can also dry, so it makes sense to have a rich lip care, such as calendula oil and dexpanthenol.

Make it nice in the evening, you can be proud to have already made the 4th day - for example, by turning the creaming a small massage ritual. A soothing body care with thermal water also prevents skin dryness. Swipe the skin on the thighs, abdomen and arms with slightly pinching kneading movements. This promotes skin circulation.


Lolling, stretching and stretching extensively in bed in the morning. Set it up slowly - so that you do not get dizzy when you get up. If you are used to early gymnastics, you should continue to do so. Go for a half hour in the fresh air in the early afternoon. The pace determines her, according to your well-being. When you realize that you are fit, you can walk or jog slowly. During the walk, make moderate lunges every now and then to stretch your legs, let your arms circle in the air.

Do the yoga roll in the evening. The exercise does several things: It strengthens the abdominal muscles, stimulates the digestive system, relieves the neck and spine and has a wonderfully relaxing effect. Here's how it works: Put your knees on the ground, your arms on your shins, your forehead on your knees. Carefully roll on your back while inhaling. With a gentle swing while exhaling again roll forward. As long as rhythmically roll back and forth, as you like it. Important: After each and every effort, pause, retire to a quiet room for at least 20 minutes, lie down, close your eyes, consciously and deeply inhale and exhale. The body needs time for its metabolic work. (For fasting yoga, follow the corresponding exercises).

From the second day without food you should help the liver with detoxification, with a liver pack, which ideally make her during the rest period after the midday broth. To do this, fold a linen cloth lengthwise, dive one-third into hot water, wring it out. While lying down, place the damp, then the dry side of the towel on the bare stomach, and pack the hot water bottle on top.

5th day - fasting day

Nutrition: Morning morning tea (as on day 3 or 4).Noon vegetable or rice broth and water. In the afternoon, herbal tea (as on day 3 or 4) and water. Evening water, herbal tea (see Day 3), fruit or vegetable juices. Attention: If it comes to diarrhea, dilute fruit juices and possibly vegetable juices even more. If that does not help, omit juices, just drink tea and water.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day. For pimples, a facial steam bath as deep cleansing intensive care. In the evening the foot massage is good.

Move: As on the 4th day. Now most fasting people are already physically fit, extendedt Your Exercise Program with Gymnastics to wake up: In the morning after getting up, stand upright and shake the body a few times, allowing it to breathe in and out. Then continue breathing for a few minutes. When inhaling, tense all muscles for about seven seconds, release them on exhalation, muscles relax. Ideally, do this exercise in front of a wide open window to get plenty of oxygen. Or you do these yoga exercises.

6th day - fasting day

Nutrition: Morning morning tea. For lunch vegetable broth or oat broth and water. In the afternoon herbal tea and water. Evening water, herbal tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day. Cold feet are a common problem during a fasting cure. Here, a rising foot bath helps. Immerse feet in bucket / foot tub, add lukewarm (not hot) water. Gradually add hot water, so that the feet get a new heat boost again and again. Finally, wash off feet cold, dry well, thick socks over it. Macht in the evening the thermal water body care from the 4th day.

Move: Like on the 5th day. In the late afternoon or during the morning in addition a stretching exercise. With the triangular exercise you relax the back muscles, train the waist, leg and leg muscles and also promote the concentration as the oxygen supply to the body is pushed. Here's how it works: Stand upright with your arms straight, arms outstretched at shoulder height. Make sure you do not make a hollow cross. Bend the upper body slowly with the exhalation to the right.

7th day - fasting day

Nutrition: Tea in the morning. Noon vegetable or rice broth, water. In the afternoon herbal tea and water. Evening water, herbal tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day. As a care extra: a fragrant hair conditioner, which does well during the exposure time. If you regularly go to the sauna, you can do it again without worrying. Provided you feel stable on circulation. In no case more than two sauna sessions à 10 minutes. After leaving the hot room, do not immediately go into the cold plunge pool, but first put cold water in your face with your hands. Finally, lotion the body well. In the evening enjoy the foot massage from the third day.

Move: As on the 5th day plus stretching exercise from the 6th day. If dizziness, fatigue, listlessness occur more easily during the day, do not let it hang, but get it! Going out into the fresh air for only 10 minutes - even that can help overcome inertia and improve your balance of movement. Or you alternatively do these yoga exercises.

8th day - fasting day

Nutrition: Morning tea as on day 3. At noon vegetable or oat broth and water. In the afternoon, herbal tea (if you shiver, eg with cinnamon, ginger) and water. In the evening water, tea, fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day. An evening relaxation program could look like this: Put it in the tub and place bubbling bath tablets under your back. Gorgeous, when the bubbles rise and it smells so good. Bath for a maximum of 10 minutes and not too hot, so at about 37 degrees. Then thermal water body care as on the 4th day. Then a manicure with peeling hand oil, then cuticle care with intensively nourishing nail pads.

Move: As on the 7th day.

9th day - fasting day

Nutrition: In the morning tea (as on day 3 or, if a skin-cleansing effect is desired, rosehip or sage tea). Lunch vegetable broth and water. Or, in the case of Magenkneifen, a rice or oat broth. In the afternoon herbal tea (like day 3 or in case of bloating anise or fennel tea) and water. Evening water, herbal teas (see day 3), fruit or vegetable juices.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day. The today's Verwöhnextra for the skin: a face mask. Suitable ingredients are for. Aloe vera (intensively moisturizes), almond oil (supplies the skin with essential fatty acids) or cucumber (has a soothing and refreshing effect). Evening foot massage as on the 3rd day.

Move: As on the 7th day.

10th day - construction day

Nutrition: You are now fasting, slowly adjusting your body to food intake. That must be done carefully, so the build-up days are so important! Avoid fatty foods, animal fats and coffee. Still drinking plenty, at least 2 liters of water and herbal tea. You may also enjoy dairy products in moderation, such as a yogurt or a glass of buttermilk. Eat cooked vegetable and cereal dishes.Only eat until you are full. Menu suggestion: morning morning tea. In the morning a steamed apple. Noon potato and vegetable soup. Drink tea in the afternoon. In the evening vegetable juice and a slice of crispbread. Water, fruit juice and herbal tea are distributed throughout the day.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day.

Move: As on the 7th day. Or alternatively these yoga exercises.

11th day - construction day

Nutrition: Eat gradually more raw vegetables again. Chews thoroughly! If you have not had a bowel movement since the beginning of the 1st to the 2nd day of construction, help with an enema. Menu suggestion: Morning tea in the morning, 2 slices of crispbread with herb quark. Morning drink a lot and 1 ripe pear. At noon, 3 small jacket potatoes plus carrots. In the afternoon mix 1 organic yoghurt with 1 teaspoon sea buckthorn juice and 1 heaped teaspoon linseed. Herbal tea or water. In the evening, raw carrots, crispbread with herb quark.

Maintenance: As on the 3rd day.

Move: Slowly go over to the usual sports program.

12th day - construction day

Nutrition: In the morning herbal tea, with fruit with germinated muesli, honey. Later in the morning, a first coffee with plenty of milk is allowed. Midday millet risotto, with a tomato salad. Afternoon: 1 organic yoghurt mixed with 1 teaspoon sea buckthorn juice and 1 heaped teaspoon linseed. Herbal tea or water. In the evening, cucumber salad, served with 1 slice of wholegrain bread and 2 slices of crispbread, topped with butter and herbed quark or lean cheese. If you feel like wine, start with a spritzer, but watch out - alcohol goes up much faster after fasting.

Maintenance: You can turn back to the usual nursing rhythm. But maybe you liked brush brushing in the morning and other things so much that you kept them?

You need it from the supermarket, health food store or from the health food store

  • 25 liters of low-sodium mineral or spring water
  • 4 liters of vegetable juice (preferably milk-fermented juices such as sauerkraut or beetroot juice)
  • 4 liters of fruit juice: Pay attention to natural juices, do not buy nectars. Citrus juices, such as orange juice, are not recommended because they produce too much stomach acid. This also applies to multivitamin juices.
  • 1 glass of natural honey or agave syrup
  • Herbal tea to taste
  • Yeast extract-free vegetable broth for 4 liters of broth. If you would like to cook vegetable broth yourself: 10 potatoes, 10 carrots, 5 leeks, cumin, possibly parsley; 1 small pack of rice meal; 1 small pack of oatmeal

From the pharmacy:

40 grams of Glauber's salt and 5 ready-made enemas or an infeed set for self-application. Possibly. as an alternative to Glauber's salt Laxoberal or Passage FX salt.


Hot water bottle, towels for liver wrap, loofah or soft body brush. Additionally for the cultivation days: apples, pears, organic yoghurt, crispbread, wholemeal bread, lean cheese, quark, cucumber, tomatoes, wholegrain millet, flaxseed, cereal, which is suitable for germination (from the health food store or health food store).

Suggestions for the beauty program

  • "Basic Wellness Bath" by Bullrich's Vital
  • "Body Scrub" from Lavera (health food store, health food store)
  • "Toleriane Fluide" or "Toleriane Riche" (according to skin need) from La Roche-Posay
  • "Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream" by Weleda
  • "Skin Oil" by Frei
  • "Lipidiose 2" body milk with thermal water from Vichy
  • "Cucumber mask with aloe vera" by Florena
  • "Aroma deep care cure" by Gliss Kur
  • "Kneipp Classic Aroma Spa Bath" Orange lime or lavender
  • "Wash Peeling Impure Skin" by Eucerin
  • "Facial Steam Bath" by Dr. med. Hauschka (health food store, pharmacy)
  • "Foot Balm" by Scholl
  • "Magic Manicure" by Alessandro

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