• July 13, 2020

The Ten Commandments against the mess at home

The dresser in the hall, the coffee table in the living room, the kitchen counter - they all invite you to unload things. The chair in the bedroom provides the perfect storage space for clothes and in the hallway piled the shoes. But an apartment in which many things lie around open, seems quickly cramping and overwhelming. Less is also more here: Our Ten Commandments for a tidier apartment.

1. Do not live beyond his means

A good start is to accept that the size of the home decides how many things you can accommodate. If you only have a few square meters available, it is good to have few.

2. Muck

A diet for your own four walls: when was the last time you sorted out superfluous things? Set two appointments per year for a large day out. Maybe on a rainy, gray November day or for spring cleaning. A vacated apartment feels liberating.

3. Do good

When mucking you will certainly find one or the other well-preserved baby that you almost forgot. The following questions help: "Did I wear this coat last year, will I read this book again, do my children still need the toy?" Public libraries, hospitals and kindergartens are delighted to receive books and children's toys. And for all other well-preserved things a flea market makes sense.

4th storage space

There are items we do not need, but we do not want to part with. The favorite clothes of yesteryear, the shoes with so many memories hanging on them, or the grandma's vase, which unfortunately does not fit into the decor. Store these things in closed dressers and cupboards. So things become invisible and do not stand around. Also plastic boxes are suitable as storage space. Well packed, many things can be stored in the basement or in the attic.

5. odds and ends drawer

Scissors, bottle openers, lighter, handkerchiefs - all these things are needed in everyday life and often lie around somewhere. Set up a "junk-drawer" in the kitchen where all these items fit.

6. Return

If you put all the things you've used back in their place at the end of the day, you'll get over the biggest chaos. For example, hang your clothes back in the closet and the dish brush on their hooks.

7. The right location

In addition to bid 6, you should always store items where you need them. Then the re-clearing is also easier.

8. Routine

Bring routine into your processes. For example, when you get home, always put the key in its place first, hang the jacket on the hook and put the shoes in the shoe rack. This is how the hall looks tidy without you having to do something about it.

9. Questioning

In the shoe store you have discovered beautiful boots and in the shop window of the furniture store a beautiful home accessory? Of course, we should and can always treat ourselves something. But consider whether you really need these things - or whether you would rather invest the money in a meal with friends, a theater visit or the next vacation.

10. Setbacks

Nobody is perfect - and that's the same with your own home. Do not worry if the chaos breaks out from time to time - in a few hours you have everything in order again.

Escanor vs The Ten Commandments English Dub (July 2020).

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