• July 10, 2020

The tastiest snacks for your movie night

The best healthy snacks for your girls evening

Girls evening - these are the most beautiful, most exuberant hours of the week: chatting, laughing, comforting and sharing the small and big highlights of life together. But what would such a cozy time without the right snacks? Whether you are watching movies, exchanging the latest gossip, planning trips together, solving relationship problems, or gushing about the new dream prince - there must be a bit of empowerment. And so that you can feast without a guilty conscience, we have put together many colorful, healthy snacks for your girls' evening, which will make you forget chocolate, chips and Co.

Delicious soul food for your sweet tooth

Snacks for the girls evening should be Soul Food, small treats that you share with your dearest girlfriends and you feel completely comfortable in your skin. Why stuff greasy chips and munchies into you, which make you feel bloated and your guilty conscience gnaws at you when you fall asleep, even if there are healthy appetizers that taste at least as delicious and leave a wonderfully light feeling. Vegetable sticks with a light dip are of course the classic for the girls' evening, but if that's too bland for you, we have 20 more ideas that provide variety. And that will certainly inspire your girlfriends.

Vary the usual carrot sticks by preparing the carrots with mint. Raz el Hanout, sesame seeds and black cumin add a touch of 1001 nights to this delicious snack - perfect for dreaming and swarming! Recipe: Carrots with mint Or you'll just smear a few stews for your girls. Of course not with ham and cheese, but with really tasty, fresh ingredients. Sandwiches with egg, peanuts and peppers or three pieces of chessboard with tomatoes, peppers, olives and cucumbers are not low carb, but sooo delicious!

Culinary eye-catcher for the girls evening

You want something more unusual? The pizza "Green Meadow" meets your desire for unhealthy snacks with a tasty ensemble of leaf spinach, mangetout and broccoli. It makes you full and is so much healthier than Margherita, Tonno and Co. To the recipe: Pizza Green Meadow Or you can cause a stir with a vegetable pie. It is topped with a lot of colorful, crispy vegetables and can be served with a creamy sour cream dip. Too many carbohydrates? Then surprise yourself and your best friends with mushroom tartar on pumpernickel. Sounds elaborate - but it is not. The recipe: mushroom tartare on pumpernickel

Sweet highlight for your valuable we-time

Is then something sweet at the end asked? Home-made fruit leather is not only a great, healthy alternative to fruit gum and gummy bears, but also gives you plenty of creative scope for your own ideas. From the fruity stripes, for example, sweet shapes can be cut out with cookie shapes that will make you laugh. For dessert, there is then homemade mango ice cream on a stick. Simply puree fresh mangoes with orange juice and fill the mush with small wooden stalks in ice cube molds - and after 3 hours for your girls on the table magic. There are certainly "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" ... and a lot of "Hmmmmms". Enjoy the meal!

Movie Night Snacks • Tasty (July 2020).

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