The story of this pitbull bitch stirs us tears!

Actually veterinarian Andy Mathis wanted to leave for his well-deserved closing time. But then, on that night in January, he got a desperate call:

"One woman told me that she had found a starving, sick dog on the side of the road, and she came to my office with the neglected bitch shortly thereafter, considering her condition, there were only two options: I could put the dog to sleep or try to take her away to whip up all means again. "

Andy opted for the second option. Since the day of her arrival, the vet takes care of the pit bull with much love and patience. Her gray, shimmering coat gave the bitch the name Graycie. It quickly turned out that first aid is only the beginning of a long journey into a new dog life!

Graycie did not just have to be freed of worms. The bitch has completely forgotten the food intake. Special circumstances require special measures. In this case, that meant eating out will be common now!

With two wells in tow, Andy sat down to Graycie. One bowl was for him, the other for the bitch. When Andy starts eating, Graycie's looks are more than skeptical at first. But at some point she becomes courageous and dares first bites.

In the meantime Graycie can get excited about a long meal. The only condition: Andy must be within reach. At night, when the vet is not at his protégé's side, Graycie cuddles in her red blanket. Under a heat lamp she finally feels again the security that she had to do without for so long on cold nights!

Even if the pitbull bitch has already done so much, she still faces a major hurdle: Graycie must learn to trust again. But in such loving and patient hands, the brave bitch will eventually master this path!

I'm His Next Victim // Episode Four {2/5} MM (July 2020).

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